Saturday, 28 May 2011

2010 Clone Wars Battle Pack: Hostage Crisis

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the 2010 Clone Wars battle pack "Hostage Crisis".

Commando Droid: This battle pack comes with two different Commando Droids! Both of which are excellent! There isn't much difference between both specialized Commando Droids that were designed by Cad Bane. The only difference between both is different markings on the head. An example of which is one has two lines on it's head and the other has one. I rate these Commando Droids at 9/10, worthy additions to the Droid army!

Shahan Alama: Probably my least favourite figure from this pack. He's not a terrible figure, just... bland and boring. He has very minimal articulation, only in his knees and right arm. The design is well done by Hasbro and he looks spot on to his Clone Wars outfit. The head looks decent as well. He comes with a knife and blaster pistol. I rate this figure at 6/10.

Robonino: Hate the character, but the figure isn't so bad and I actually like the figure! He is very well sculpted and detailed for such a small figure. He only has arm articulation. He comes with some sort of stun pistol. His head is well done by Hasbro and very accurate, especially the black piece over one eye. He also comes with a backpack to keep explosives in like in the episode. I rate this figure at 7/10

2010 Clone Wars Battle Pack: Anti-Hailfire Squad

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the 2010 Clone Wars battle pack "Anti-Hailfire Squad".

Clone Trooper: There are two of these figures in this battle pack. This re-painted Clone Trooper is decent. They are specially designed in the colours of "Bantha Squad". The markings all over the figure is excellent. They both come with DC-15 blaster rifles. One also comes with a sort of cannon with a flick-fire launcher. These are decent Clone Troopers to add to your collection/Clone Army. I rate these Clone's at 7/10.

Aerial Recon Trooper: This is a sweet Clone figure! He is the only Clone in this pack that has a removable helmet. His helmet markings remind me of Clone Trooper Mixer's from "Voyage Of Temptation" in season 2 except in green colour. He also comes with a really nice movable visor which I really like. Apart from the helmet markings, the markings are similar to those of the other Clone's in this battle pack. The face is well scuplted except for his eyes always seem to be looking up and not straight. I rate this Clone at 9/10.

Tank Gunner Commander: This is also a really good Clone figure! I really like the helmet mold on this Clone. The soft kama is also really nice plus those new pistols fit really snugly into the holsters on this figure. The markings are different to all the other Clone figures in this battle pack. I rate this awesome Clone Commander figure at 8/10, a removable helmet would have been nice for this one!

2010 Clone Wars Figures Wave 1

Ok, here are my thoughts on the first Clone Wars wave of 2010 (Except for General Grievous as i'm not getting that version of Grievous).

Aurra Sing: This figure has lots of articulation! In total, it has amkle, knee, elbow and shoulder articulation. Aurra Sing made her Clone Wars debut in the season one finale episode "Hostage Crisis". Aurra Sing comes with two blaster pistols and a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is very well sculpted. The pistols are also done well. This figure is very accurate to her Clone Wars appearance except for my only gripe with this figure that the antenna is nowhere near what it is in the Clone Wars series. I rate this figure at 8/10, a definite addition to the Bounty Hunters!

Mandalorian Police Officer: I really can't believe this figure is a pegwarmer! It is a good troop builder and it is pretty decent. Not great but still a pretty nice figure. The Mandalorian Police Officer debuted in the episode "The Mandalore Plot". It is totally accurate to it's appearance in the series. You can pull down the visor over his face. It only has elbow and a bit of shoulder articulation. He comes with a shield and baton. The shield also has something similar to a launcher that can attatch to the shield. I rate this figure at 6/10, worthy of at least one buy.

Pre Vizsla: By far the best figure in this wave! I felt he was an awesome character in his debut in "The Mandalore Plot". The figure is awesome as well! He comes with a Mandalorian helmet which he designed himself and is well done by Hasbro, It is also removable helmet. He comes with a darksaber like he used in his duel against Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He also comes with a Mandalorian blaster. His face and armour is well designed. He also comes with a jetpack and a cape. He has ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder articulation. I rate this figure at 9/10, a must have!

2010 Clone Wars Figure: TRU Exclusive Kul Teska

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Clone Wars 2010 exclusive "Kul Teska" figure.
This is a pretty good figure in my opinion! He has good articulation in his shoulders and knees. There is also good movement in his feet. Teska is very accurate to his appearance in the video game "Clone Wars: Republic Heroes". It is possible to pull down those straps near his head to reveal his hidden missiles. You can pull out part of his right arm which is pretty neat. I rate this figure at 8/10 and you should definitly add him to the army!

2010 Clone Wars Figure: TRU Exclusive Nikto Guard

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the 2010 Clone Wars exclusive "Nikto Guard" figure.
This is a decent figure but has a lack of articulation. The only articulation this figure has is in the elbows. The Nikto Guard figure comes with a blaster pistol and a removable hat that fits nicely into his head and can also be kept off. The detail on this figure is good. The head is well done by Hasbro and is very accurate. I rate this figure at 6/10 but it would have been better if it had more articulation.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Upcoming ARF Trooper/AT-RT Walker

Ok, so here are my early thoughts on the upcoming mini-rig from the Clone Wars "ARF Trooper with AT-RT Walker"

This is a great pack for people who like troop building! The ARF is a really neat design and I like the look of it a lot! According to the pack of the packaging, this ARF is in Clone Captain Keeli's squad which indicates the markings he has. He comes with a DC-15 blaster. The AT-RT is also a neat design and is one of the better AT-RT designs I have seen Hasbro make. The fact that it has part of the helmet markings off Captain Keeli indicates we will almost certainly get a Keeli figure at some point. The card of the ARF Trooper has the background of a scene in "Supply Lines" which definitly indicates the ARF is supposed to be in Keeli's squad. Right now I rate this mini-rig at 8/10 but that could change!

New Upcoming Clone Trooper Buzz/Barc Speeder

Ok, so here are my early thoughts on the upcoming Clone Wars mini-rig "Clone Trooper Buzz with Barc speeder".

I really like the look of this new mini-rig! This mini-rig is based on the Clone Wars episode "Legacy Of Terror". The Buzz figure looks good, his markings are spot on. Not one of the most interesting Clone re-paints, but he is a Clone and I try to collect all the Clones so he is a must for me! His helmet markings are great but compared to the Draa figure, he isn't really that great. Buzz comes with a DC-15 blaster rifle. The Barc speeder is a simple re-paint and is a good troop building speeder for growing your own Republic army and I like the Barc speeder. Right now I rate this mini-rif at 7/10 but my thoughts could change!

New Upcoming 501st Clone Trooper Fives

Ok, so now that we have better pictures of the upcoming Clone Trooper Fives (501st) in the "Defend Kamino" battle pack, here are my early thoughts on this figure!

This, along with Echo, is a really good addition to your army. Fives wore this gear in season 3 of the TV animated series in the episode "ARC Troopers". He comes with two DC-15 blasters and a removable helmet. I like the way Hasbro have done the detail and markings on both his legs and arms, most evident with the z-6 rotary cannon on his right arm. The translation is "For Hevy" after the Clone who sacrificed himself in the episode "Rookies" I really like the helmet design which is based off the Rishi Eel, the creature that killed Cutup, also in Rookies. I also really like the "Five" tatoo on his head which is really done well by Hasbro. Right now I rate this figure at 9/10 but my thoughts could change!
I look forward to getting Fives, along with Echo and ARC Commander Blitz in the "Defend Kamino" battle pack!

Monday, 23 May 2011

New Upcoming 2011 Waves 4+5 Figures

Ok, so here are pictures and my early thoughts on some of the figures from these waves!

CW53 Plo Koon (Cold Weather Gear): This is a pretty nice figure! This Plo Koon is a better version of the Clone Wars Plo Koon figures before him. He is based on the Clone Wars comic: "In Service Of The Republic". His legs aren't as spread out as the 2008 Plo Koon and has better articulation. The sculpting on this figure is pretty nice. He comes with his blue lightsaber. Right now I give this figure a 7/10 but that could change!

CW54 Saesee Tiin: Not at all what I expected but he is still a definite buy! The sculpting on him is top notch and he looks really good. My gripes are that he has a blue lightsaber in this picture but he really uses a green lightsaber and not a blue one. Saesee Tiin debuted in The Clone Wars episode "Witches Of The Mist". My other gripe is the big, bulky green thing on his back, which, due to it's size, makes it stand out more than the figure which isn't good. It is interesting but not unexpected for me that they are including a Clone helmet on his face which mimics the 2003 Clone Wars. Right now I rate this figure at 7/10 but that could change! (Especially when we see his face).

CW55 Savage Opress (Shirtless): This is a great figure and a good way to introduce Savage Opress to the Clone Wars line! The sculpting and articulation on this figure is excellent, the sculpting's brilliance is evident in the chest design. The axe (Enchanted Blade) is also really well sculpted and looks lethal! The expression on his face is really good as well and not a boring expression. The skirt is an interesting design. Savage Opress had this look in the Clone Wars episode "Monster". Right now I rate this figure at 8/10 but that could change!

CW56 ARF Trooper (Kamino): This is a great addition to the Clone army or your collection of ARF Troopers! He isn't a hard figure to make which is probably why Hasbro chose to make him, also that Hasbro like their Clones. His speederboard is a re-paint of the one in the CW36 Quinlan Vos figure. He comes with a DC-15 blaster rifle. The markings on his helmet are well detailed by Hasbro and the sculpting on his arms are good as well. Right now I rate this figure at 8/10 but that could change!

CW57 Stealth Ops Clone Trooper: By far my favourite and in my opinion, the best figure out of these two waves! I really like that he has that breathing mask around his chest like the Clone Space Trooper did and the Space Trooper is one of my favourite figures! The colour, detail and sculpting on this one is great. This Clone comes with a DC-15 blaster rifle. His helmet is a re-paint of the helmet of the Special Ops Clone Trooper which makes for a quality figure! He also comes with a sort of twin jet-pack thing on his back. Right now I rate this figure at 9/10 but that could change!

CW60 Kit Fisto (Cold Weather Gear): This is like Plo Koon, a pretty neat cold weather version of a Jedi. Also, like Plo, this outfit for Kit Fisto appeared in the Clone Wars comic: "In Service Of The Republic". I like the colours on this figure. I feel purple makes for an interesting colour on Kit Fisto. He comes with his green lightsaber. Right now I rate this figure at 7/10 but that could change!

CW61 Seripas: Seripas makes a great and most interesting figure! I am delighted that Hasbro have answered all the collectors hopes for this figure by making the helmet of the suit come up to reveal Seripas underneath! Seripas, like Todo 360 doesn't have a lot of articulation, which is fine by me as i'm happy to get Seripas at all. The suit is amazingly designed and sculpted by Hasbro and this will be a big seller for Clone Wars collectors! Right now, I rate this figure at 8/10 but my thoughts could change!

CW62 Captain Rex (Jet Pack): The worst Clone Wars figure to ever be made by Hasbro! Why there are so many gripes that I must highlight all of them! (Rant Coming): We don't need another Rex (Except Phase 2 one), We don't need Rex in Stone sculpt, We don't like Rex getting the incorrect blasters, We don't like an EVEN less accurate helmet and for f*** sake, it does NOT need an oversized jetpack that stands out more than the figure! (Rant Over) The only good thing about this figure, is the soft goods skirt around his hip. Hasbro you really need to learn from this! But by creating a needless figure and SOMEHOW, making this figure worse than the previous versions, this figure is no better than 2/10, which is my rating for it!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

2010 Clone Wars Figures Wave 4

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Clone Wars 2010 wave 4 figures  (Except for R4-P17 as I don't collect Astromechs).

Mandalorian Warrior: A very nice figure! I really like this figure. It is a good figure for troop building an army of Mandalorians. The helmet is really nice and looks great on the Mandalorian Warrior body. This figure comes with a jetpack which has that flick fire thing that shoots out of the jetpack. He also comes with three Mandalorian pistols. He has a holster on his hip area where he can put one pistol on each side. I'm going to rate this figure at 8/10 as it is a good troop building figure but there is nothing really special to it.

Shaak Ti: This is an interesting figure. I like this figure, but I don't like the cloak on her as it always slips off so there is no point keeping the cloak on. However, aside from the issue with the cloak it is a really good figure. She comes with her lightsaber and is very accurate to her appearance in the season 3 premiere episodes of the TV seies, "Clone Cadets" and "ARC Troopers". Her  Head tails are very accurate as well. I'm going to rate this figure at 7/10 as I feel the cloak could have fitted better on Shaak Ti.

Boba Fett: Boba Fett doesn't make for a great figure in this line. The figure looks much more sinister and evil than he was in the season 2 finale of the TV series. Boba Fett has a lot of articulation (Even though it is stiff) and he has ankle articulation which isn't often in the Clone Wars line at the moment. His face can't move upwards and has minimal movement. He comes with a jetpack and two blaster pistols which can be placed in his holster. Like Shaak Ti, i'm giving Boba a rating of 7/10 as his movement could have been better.

Embo: Embo is an interesting choice for a figure. He is a great character but his figure is not so great. The hat is sculpted very nicely however there is absolutely no movement on his head. He has good knee and ankle articulation which is always good for a figure to have. He also has elbow articulation. He comes with a crossbow which fits very snugly into either hand. The detail on the chest area of the figure is excellent as well. I'm going to give this figure a 8/10 rating as I feel with head movement, it could have been a much better figure!

2011 Clone Wars Figures Wave 1

Ok, so this is my thoughts on the first Clone Wars wave of 2011 (Except for R7-A7 as I don't collect Astromechs).

Cad Bane (With Todo 360): I have to admit this one quality figure! I was initially unsure about picking this one up because I alreay had the other version of Bane, but eventually I decided to pick up this new version and I was shocked how much better this version was! The new sculpt is fantastic and every part is much more accurate to how he looks in the TV series. The helmet sculpt is fantastic, I really like the knee atriculation. My only gripe is the fact that the gun is unsteady in Bane's right hand. Todo 360 is an interesting addition. Unfortunately he isn't that well done and his only articulation is in his head which is easily removable but other than that, it is a pretty poor addition. I'm going to give this figure a 9/10 rating! It would be 10 but for the fact that Todo was poorly executed.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Season 3): I was pleasantly surprised to see Hasbro release this figure already, but like with the new Bane, I was initially unsure about picking up this one! I feel slightly embarrased that I didn't pick this up before because it truly is a great figure! What the first CW Obi-Wan had in stiffness and an awkward looking figure, this one totally improved on! It is an easy to figure to move around and I much prefer it over the old version. Apart from the lack of ankle articulation, this is a perfect figure! I'm going to also give this figure a 9/10 rating! If just it had ankle articulation, it would have reached that 10.

Domino Squad Cadet Hevy: Originally this was the only figure from this wave that I was interested it and going to get, However upon getting it, Cad Bane and Obi-Wan, I must say I am extremely disappointed by this figure. His movement in his knees, elbows and legs are stiff. He has no ankle articulation. The only good movement is his shoulders where he can move them fine. He can't EVEN grip his Z-6 rotary cannon!!! And we know that Hevy never uses any other gun but the rotary. The only good things about this figure really are 1. THe attention to detail, with the positioning of the "1" all over his armour and that thing on his left leg and 2. The newer, younger, Clone head sculpt used on Hevy. I'm going to give this figure a rating of 6 as it really is missing a lot of key things for a Clone figure.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New Upcoming Savage Opress Figure (Shirtless)

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the upcoming Savage Opress (Shirtless) figure which we got pictures of a couple of weeks ago!

I really like this figure and I feel Hasbro haven't let me down with this one! I don't see why they needed to give us three blades as one would have been enough, the one he used in "Monster". The detail on this one is spot and the expression on his face is really eye-catching. Some collectors have been debating the yellow colour on his chest, whether it is accurate or not to the scene this figure is based on? I believe that it is as the scene was dark and so all the characters models would have a darker look so I believe they have nailed this spot on! Right now, I will give it a 8/10 but I expect to have to raise that when I get this figure!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Upcoming Clone Wars Figures (17 May 2011)

Ok so here are my thoughts on two figures in an upcoming wave that had pictures posted of it earlier today!

Plo Koon (Cold Weather): This Plo Koon figure has been much improved over the 2008 version which is the Plo Koon figure I own. This figure comes with a weird type of mask that can be placed over his face. He also comes with his lightsaber and a couple of white things which you place under his feet. The sculpt of this is excellent but due to me being happy with my current Plo Koon figure, I won't pick this up.

Clone Trooper Echo (501st): I'm quite suprised they are throwing Echo into the basic figure line so soon considering the "Defend Kamino" battle pack still has yet to come out! This figure is exactly the same as the one in the "Defend Kamino" battle pack. He comes with a removable helmet and DC-15 blaster. The detail on him is excellent, especially the handprint and marking on his left leg. He is a great figure to get but I will pass on the basic figure one so I can get the "Defend Kamino" battle pack!

Monday, 16 May 2011

New Upcoming Lego Star Wars Sets

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the soon to come Lego Star Wars 2011 summer sets before they come out!
7956: Ewok Attack:

I quite like this set. The minifigures are really cool, the Scout Trooper is great for making ARF Trooper customs for Clone Wars. The Ewoks, Logray and Tokkat both look exceptionally well done and I can't wait to get this set for those two! I like speeder bikes so the speeder will be a good addition. Not too keen on the tree/catapault but i'll reserve judgement on that until the set comes out. Right now I rate this set 7/10 but that could change!

7957 Sith Nightspeeder:

This is a must have for a Lego Clone Wars collector like me! All the three minifigures are new (two are re-designed) and both the re-designed ones look so much better now! I really like the new Anakin torso, I really like it over the previous Lego Anakins. Asajj Ventress I also like as it is more accurate to its CW counterpart unlike the other Ventress figure to its CW counterpart. The last figure is one of the best (In my opinion) that Lego has ever produced! Savage Opress! The new horn piece really suits him, the neck armour is great and he has the two weapons he used against Jedi which is even better. Not too keen on a bad speeder. Right now I rate this set at 9/10 but that could change!

7959 Geonosian Starfighter:

This is a very good set for lots of reasons! Firstly, the Geonosian Starfighter is much more accurate and better looking than the 2002 version with the gap in the middle the obvious part! The minifigures are great, it's a cheaper way to get Cody as the only other set he is in is very expensive. It's also the first set to include Ki-Adi Mundi and the Geonosian Pilot. Ki-Adi Mundi looks pretty weird with that two head piece but I don't care as it's accurate. The Geonosian Pilot has superb detail and is very accurate and I can't wait to get it. Right now I rate this set at 9/10 but that could change!

7961 Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator

This in my opinion is a very good set but nothing really over exciting about this one. The figures are by far the best part of this set! Padme is good but could have been much better (Especially with a face piece that actually looks like Padme), Panaka is a very good figure and I really like the hat piece, not too happy about the expression as he looks like a little kid about to cry. Qui-Gon Jinn is a decent figure, probably the best Qui-Gon to be made yet and a decent figure but far and away the best of this set is Darth Maul! Great new horn piece and a creepy face for a creepy character! The Sith Infiltrator actually looks good in my opinion! (For once). Right now I rate this set at 8/10 but that could change!

7962 Anakin's & Sebulba's Podracers

This set is absolutely amazing!!! The figures are excellently detailed (Watto and Sebulba with their perfect re-designs and Anakin with his two face piece). Wald is a pretty good figure as well to go with Anakin. Watto is excellent and my favourite in this set, Sebulba is also good to have and Obi-Wan just really looks stupid. The Podracers are great as well and they feature two of the rare technic pices (One on each Podracer). They've really caught the shape and structure of both Podracers very well! Right now I rate this set at 9/10 but that could change!

7964 Republic Frigate:

YAHOO!!!!!! By miles and miles this is my favourite set of this year, not just this Summer! It contains four new minifigures and one rather rare minifigure (Though I already have Yoda). Quinlan Vos, mhmm not special but the body print is superb and the hair piece suits well, Eeth Koth is also a nice figure, the face is really well done as well as the horn piece. But my favourites are the two new Clones, a Clone Wolfpack Trooper which has excellent detail alongside his Commander, Wolffe! The Wolffe figure looks absolutely superb and the markings and detail are absolutely spot on! (Now hopefully he has a cybernetic eye too!). The Republic Frigate is great and beatifully captured by Lego in the shape and length. The engines and cannons are very awesome as well. Already I feel no harm in giving it a 10/10 score!

7965 Millennium Falcon:

*Yawns* I know it's been seven years since they made a Millennium Falcon but surely that length of time means they can make it totally different from the '04' version?! Appartently not if your Lego as this is almost a complete re-hash of the '04' version. Now if it contained Nien Nunb or Lando Calrissian or both of those, it would have been much better! Even so, the new Leia, Luke and Han Solo figures aren't enough to save what could have been a worthwhile score, to a abysmal score which is very rare of Lego, so the score i'm going to give it is 4/10!