Saturday, 30 April 2011

2008 Clone Wars Figures Waves 4+5

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the last two waves from the 2008 Clone Wars figures. I have mixed these waves together as I got so few figures from both waves. (The figures I didn't get out of either wave were Magnaguard, R3-S6, Rocket Battle Droid, 41ST Clone Trooper and Jar-Jar Binks) Looking for 2009 versions of Magnaguard, Rocket Droid and 41ST Clone.
Kit Fisto: An excellent Jedi figure of one of my all-time favourite Jedi! The sculpt and detail are both excellent and definitly a worthy Jedi for your collection. Accesories included are his lightsaber and a type of pack/scuba gear for using underwater.

212TH Legion Clone Trooper: Definitly worth getting one of these excellent Clones. If you have Commander Cody then it's definitly worth picking one or more of these Troopers up to give Cody some grunts to boss around. Accesories included are a rocket launcher to blow up tanks and a blaster rifle to shoot Battle Droids.

Space Clone Trooper: Based on the Wolfpack Legion clone from the second Clone Wars episode "Rising Malevolence". One of my favourite Clone figures and I feel it's well worth getting this figure and a few Rocket Battle Droids to re-create a scene from Rising Malevolence with figures. Accesories included are a "DC-17" pistol, a jetpack and a missile to put in the jetpack to launch the Clone in the air.

Padme Amidala: A very nice change from all the Jedi and Clone figures and they didn't disappoint. This is a very nice figure and well worth getting, even though her 2009 version in her "Adventure Gear" is a much better figure than this one, this is still worth picking up. Accesories included are a hood, to place over her head like shown in the Clone Wars movie, her pistol and a Droid E-ll blaster.

2008 Clone Wars Figures Wave 3:

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Clone Wars figures from 2008 wave 3 (Except for Count Dooku and C-3PO: Dooku because I am going to try and find either his 2010 version or him with speeder bike and C-3PO because I don't collect Protocol Droids either like Astromechs)

Plo Koon: A very good Jedi figure to add to any collection. My only gripe with this Plo Koon figure is that Hasbro set his legs to stay in the same position and you can't change his stance no matter how hard you try. Accesories are a hood which fits nicely over his face, a spare lightsaber and this thing that attatches to his arm as you can see in the picture with 2 lightsabers on it.

IG-86 (Assasin Droid):  A very good Droid figure to add to your collection to fight the Jedi. Preferably I prefer the specialized "Ziro's Assasin Droid" figure that came out after this one but this is still a worthy buy. Accessories included are two E-11 blasters and some kind of backpack thing I think.

Asajj Ventress: If your looking for a Sith to battle your Jedi Generals then this is a must have figure! The sculpt on this one is really great and the face detail on both the back and front is really spot on. Accesories included are her two lightsabers and a hologram of Count Dooku.

Destroyer Droid (Droideka): A very well designed figure for fighting your Clones and Jedi. The design on this figure is great and definitly a figure worth getting. Accesories included are two red missile launches that can be launched from the missile launchers on the figure.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lego Star Wars 7868 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter

Ok so here is my thoughts on the 7868 "Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter"
Mace Windu: Always good to have more Jedi in your collection and so I think you should look to add Mace Windu to your collection of Jedi if you don't have him already.

R8-B7: Definitly my favourite Astromech minifigure that Lego have ever made. The printing is great and someone to keep Mace company on his journeys.

Battle Droids: Good for troop building. But definitly bland and the easiest Lego figure to make.

Tactical Droid TX-20: Was so excited when I heard Lego were making a Tactical Droid minifigure. I was very disappointed in this figure. The fact that Lego stuck his head on so we can't take it off in battles is really infuriating.

Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter: Definitly the most plain and boring Jedi starfighter but it is a Jedi starfighter and it is always good to have some Jedi starfighters in your army and they got rid off that horrible ejector seat feature for this set! YAY!!

Staps: Good for fighting Jedi but not much other use.

Tactical Droid Speeder; Very useful for transporting your Tactical Droids around.

All in all I give this set 8/10

Lego Star Wars 7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack

Ok, so here is my thoughts on the "Mandalorian Battle Pack"
Mandalorian Warrior: All of the figures in this set are Mandalorian Warriors. The helmet design is awesome. The torso printing is also really good and they all have different weapons! I prefer using one with the dual-wield pistols.

Mortar Turret: Don't like this at all. It's awakward, it never stops moving wildly around and it's a real pain.

Sniper Rifle: The sniper rifle which one of the Mandalorians uses is very good and very different from all the standard weapons.

Mandalorian Speeder Bike: Definitly excellent for a Mandalorian to head into the front lines with to rush the Jedi.

All in all I give this set a 7/10

Lego Star Wars 7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack

Ok, so here is my thoughts on everything in the "Clone Trooper Battle Pack".
Horn Company Trooper: Delighted to see Lego finally making a Clone figure based on a certain legion and with this minifigure they didn't disappoint. The detail all over this figure is superb, it has back printing and has 2 new pistols which really suit him. Hopefully now Lego will make more Clones based on legions and not just named Commanders/Captains.

ARF Trooper (Razor): Good to see Lego make a ARF Trooper (Even though it was the almost plain Lightning Squadron version) The 4 helmet stripes indicate it is Razor so it is based on a certain Character so multiples of him aren't neccesssary. A quality figure but a lack of printing was expected on a ARF legion that had nearly no markings...

Bomb Squad Clone: The printing on these Troopers is brilliant. Very accurate to their appearance in the "Blue Shadow Virus" episode and a very good figure to have in your collection. To be honest you don't really need two of these Troopers but still an excellent figure...

Barc Speeder: Very good speeder. Massive improvement over the 2007 version which to be honest was pretty bland and not at all an interesting Barc but this one certainly is. I especially like the green parts which make it stand out.

All in all I rate this set 8/10.

2008 Clone Wars Figures Wave 2:

Ok, so here is what I think of the second wave of Clone Wars figures from 2008 (Except for Clone Pilot Oddball because I never got him).
Ahsoka Tano: In my opinion by far the best and my most favourite figure out of this wave. Again like with the first wave nothing really special but they put a lot of work in this one and the sculpt all over is fantastic! My only gripe with this one is she can barely hold her lightsaber and when she does and you hit another figure with the lightsaber it will go flying to who knows where... Accesories included are Rotta The Huttlet and a backpack to keep Rotta in like in the CW movie and it fits really well.

Commander Cody: A great Clone figure at his time but in more recent times, other Clone figures have shown they are better than this figure. Nevertheless Cody is a great Clone Commander to add to the frontlines to battle the Separatists. Accesories are his helmet which is brilliantly designed by Hasbro in this instance and a sort of rocket launcher as well.

Super Battle Droid: A very good figure for adding to your Droid army to battle the Clones and Jedi. I preferably much prefer this Super Battle Droid figure to the Revenge Of The Sith style Super Battle Droid figure. Accesories are two rocket launcher add ons that can be attatched to either of the Super Battle Droids arms to launch rockets at Republic forces...

2008 Clone Wars Figures Wave 1:

Ok so here is what I think of the first ever wave of Clone Wars figures from 2008 (Except for R2-D2 and General Grievous. R2-D2 because I don't collect Astromechs and Grievous because I haven't had the chance to pick any version of him up yet)
Clone Trooper: A very good troop building figure. Helmet mold could have been better and a little less hard but other than that, a very good figure for picking up several of to bust some clankers! The rocket launcher is pretty useful as well.

Captain Rex: One of my least favourite Clones released... The helmet is too squishy and soft, Rex's head doesn't look right and he looks very stupid. Only thing that saves this figure is the excellent work on the detail and printing on his helmet and body armour. Overall when the next Captain Rex figure comes out I hope that they work on seriously improving the entire figure...

Yoda: A very good little Jedi figure based on the character we know who likes to say everything differently! A good addition to any army especially if you get Rys, Jek and Thire. Accesories included are a cane that he uses in the show and a force thing that I think is meant to be used for "Force Push"...

Obi-Wan Kenobi: At the time this Obi-Wan figure came out I thought it was one of the best Star Wars figures I had ever gotten. Alas, 3 years later it is now probably my least favourite Clone Wars figure (Except for the Astromechs). The whole figure is stiff, barely any articulation and hard to move, well anything! Once I realised this and looked up a good review of 2011 Obi-Wan Kenobi I knew that figure was at least 5000 times better than this one. To round off a terrible figure, the 2 accesories (A Clone helmet and the jetpack) would either barely or not fit on this figure!

Anakin Skywalker: Probably the best figure of this wave and even it wasn't anything excellent. The articulation was good, the detail on the robes was excellent as well but the head sculpt was the worst part of this figure and it was pretty poor (Admittedly not as bad as the 2011 version's head sculpt). Accesories are cables for climbing cliffs and a force thing.

Battle Droid: Like with the Clone Trooper figure, it is a great troop building figure. Not a rare figure and very easy for Hasbro to make so nothing special really about this figure. Accesories are a rocket launcher and a back plate thingy that attatches easily to the Battle Droids back...