Friday, 13 April 2012

Who We The Fans Want To See In The Clone Wars Line?

I had this idea based on how Hasbro are treating The Clone Wars line this year. With all the opportunities for awesome figures from cool and unique looking figures on the show, especially in season 4. And yet all we're getting in reality is Clones and core characters. So this blog series will be mainly focused on everything else, and why we the fans want these released. There won't be many Clones on this list, and even less core characters.

Osi Sobeck:

Why: Simply put, we need more Separatist commanders released as figures. We've gotten a bunch of droids, including several different droid types. But we've been given almost no one to lead them. We've had Whorm Loathsom, and that's it. And he honestly wasn't a popular character, so if Hasbro are judging not releasing Separatist characters chances of selling based on Loathsom, then it's completely unfair. Especially as Osi Sobeck was a very liked character, and would look awesome as a figure. And if Hasbro can give us Clones who appear for one minute and die, then they can give us a main villain of an arc.

Umbaran Warrior:

Why: Based around the same reason as Osi Sobeck, but slightly different. We keep getting droids and more droids in this line, but the fans are tired of that and were ages ago. What the fans really want is organic warriors to pit against the Clones on display, diorama's etc. Enough with the droids, it's living species that would sell. It would make no sense for Hasbro not to release an Umbaran, as they had as much screen-time as the Geonosians, and we saw four different Geonosians released in this line. Give us non-droid enemy's for the Clone's to fight Hasbro!

Why: Hasbro, forget this character is a female for a moment, and I know how you oppose releasing many female figures. But seriously, she is the leader of a band of bounty hunter's. You've released two of the lesser members of the band (Embo & Seripas), but what use are they without their leader? Sugi needs to be made to go along with Embo & Seripas. And this wouldn't even be a crazy figure to release, seen as Hasbro have released several Zabrak characters in the line already.

Adi Gallia:
Why: Simply put, Adi Gallia is a Jedi. That right there, is enough reason to be made. But whenever Hasbro think of Jedi, it for some reason means Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker! But I know everyone would rather buy a figure of Adi Gallia then another of either of those two. And besides Hasbro, she's the only Jedi Council member on the show who hasn't been made into a figure yet (asides from Oppo Rancisis, and he needs a figure when he eventually shows up). It puzzles me greatly why she hasn't been made yet.

Why: Fans love bounty hunter figures, and they love it even more when it's an animated version of a OT bounty hunter, Bossk & Boba Fett being two examples. So why shouldn't Hasbro add Dengar to The Clone Wars line? The simple answer is, they have to. What use are Boba & Bossk with Dengar to join the party as well. And his look in the animated show is different enough to warrant a purchase from plenty of fans.