Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Upcoming Geonosis ARF Trooper

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the upcoming Geonosis ARF Trooper included in the "Assault For Geonosis" battle pack that will come out later this year!
This figure is a decent addition to a collection of ARF Troopers or to any figures from the Geonosis saga in season 2. These Clone's appeared in the episode "Landing At Point Rain" in which they played a important role. I like my Clone's and especially any ARF Troopers which are my favourite type of Clone's, but I feel this figure is a bit bland and that the markings arn't that exciting. The only yellow markings on him are on both hands, both shoulders and a slight yellow line across part of his chest. One of the reasons I really liked the ARF Trooper Waxer was because the yellow on him, made him stand out and he looked really good because of that. He has a similarity to Boil, in that he has a triangle shape on the top of his visor, but by the looks of it, it is a different colour to Boil's. This figure comes with a DC-15 blaster in the battle pack (As pictured above). I currently rate this figure at 6/10, I may love the Clone figures but this one really is bland and not that exciting.

Trivia: Collectors and others alike have been debating whether this ARF is Trapper or a generic (Normal one)! I can CONFIRM that it is a generic one, or at least meant to be a generic one. The card for this figure in the battle pack labels it simply as "ARF Trooper" as if it was Trapper it would label him as "ARF Trooper Trapper". Coincidentally, Trapper and the generic troopers share the same markings so this figure can be used as Trapper if you want, but it is meant to be a generic Geonosis ARF Trooper.

Friday, 17 June 2011

New Upcoming Clone Pilot Warthog/ Y-Wing Starfighter

Ok, so here are my thoughts on an upcoming Clone Wars mini-rig (Vehicle/Figure pack) that is upcoming in the line!
First up with the figure. Clone Pilot Warthog makes his debut in the comic "Shipyards of Doom". His first appearance on the TV show was in the episode "Holocron Heist". Strangely, the vehicle design is of part of the red Y-Wing that appears in both "Landing At Point rain/The Zillo Beast". As Warthog didn't appear in either of these episodes, I'm surprised they didn't put in Clone Pilot Rod, who did man one red Y-Wing at one point. Anyway, onto the actually pack. Warthog looks decent and accurate to his appearance. Reminds me of the 2009 Matchstick figure, nice helmet detail but not much else to think about. Unlike Matchstick however, Warthog comes with a non-removable helmet as you can see from this picture. The Y-Wing Starfigter is a half-sized version of the real thing as to accomadate the size of vehicles in the mini-rig line. The cockpit can close over whichever figure you choose to place in the seat. The design on the front and the cockpit of this Y-Wing is very nice and I like it. Like the full-size Y-Wing, it has a small hole with two turrets that are used to fire on enemy forces behind your fighter so the Pilot can concentrate on the front. It has two laser turrets on either side to the front of the cockpit. Also, the last important thing to mention is the engines, like the fighter are half-size of the full-size Y-Wing. Also that the Y-Wing is a bit more "bunched in" but as you can see in the movies/TV show, it is a bit more spread out between cockpit and engines at the sides.

So, I so far rate this pack at 7/10. It's a nice pack but there's nothing really special in there. The Clone Pilot Warthog doesn't have that much different detail from a normal Clone Pilot and the half-size Y-Wing is a bit poor so my score so far is 7/10, but my thoughts could change if I get it!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Upcoming Clone Wars Figure CW38 Clone Commander Jet

Well, after a long delay of us not getting this figure after he was meant to be released last year, here are my thoughts on Commander Jet as we have good pictures of him!

WOW! I'm telling you, I couldn't care less that Hasbro delayed Jet for so long, he looks awesome! Clone Commander Jet made his debut in the TV series episode "Landing At Point Rain". Jet was the Clone Commander under the command of Jedi General Ki-Adi Mundi. Commander Jet wears a special type of sonic helmet which prevents damage from Geonosian sonic blasters. His helmet design is great and totally accurate to the show. He also has a yellow painted pauldron and kama, also very well accurately done by Hasbro. The sculpting and painting on this figure is great as well. Commander Jet's figure comes with a rocket launcher, which is just playability for the kids and two DC-17 blaster pistols like he used in the show. Right now, I can find absolutely no faults with this figure (Even as picky as I usually am), so for that reason, I rate this figure at 10/10 but my thoughts could change!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

New Upcoming Clone Wars Figures 4th June 2011

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the ARC Commander Blitz, Clone Trooper Kix, Clone Trooper Scythe and Commander Blackout figures which we got better pictures of recently!

ARC Commander Blitz: This figure looks great, another awesome ARC Trooper to add to the collection! The helmet design is excellent and very accurate to the show. Blitz appeared in the season 3 premiere episodes "Clone Cadets" and "ARC Troopers". His kama design is very nice. The chestplate design is great as well and the colour of it really mixes in with the rest of the figure. He has that same attatchment to his helmet as the other ARC Trooper figures (Visor?) but painted in yellow which I think looks great. Like most Clone figures, he comes with ankle articulation which is neat. He comes with two DC-17 blaster pistols which can be placed in holsters on his hips. Blitz is in the "Defend Kamino" battle pack alongside 501st Clone Troopers Echo and Fives. Right now, I rate this figure at 9/10 but that could change!

Clone Trooper Kix: Another very nice Clone Trooper to add to the collection! The chest design is excellent and very true to how Kix looked on the show. The blue paint on Kix is perhaps a bit brighter on the arms and chest than it should be but he still looks great. The helmet design is nice as well.Clone Trooper Kix made his Clone Wars debut in the season two episode "The Deserter". He also has decent paint on the back of his helmet. The blue stripe on his right leg is an interesting detail on Kix. Clone Trooper Kix appears in the upcoming "The Hunt For Grievous" battle packl along with Captain Rex and General Grievous. It would have been nice for Kix to have a removable helmet but I understand why he doesn't as it would have been almost impossible for Hasbro to get his tatoo exactly right. Kix comes with a DC-15 blaster rifle. Right now, I rate this figure at 8/10 but my thoughts could change!

Clone Trooper Scythe: Really happy to see Hasbro make Scythe (Maybe soon they will release the rest of Tango Company). I like that Hasbro gave him a removable helmet, even if it is a plain Clone one. However in his appearance in the episode "Brain Invaders", he and the other members of Tango Company never wore or had any helmets so I understand why Hasbro gave him a plain one, which I am fine with. The tatoo of the tiger skull on his forehead is well designed by Hasbro and looks great on his head. The blue on this figure is much brighter than it was on the show as on the show, it was more of a lighter blue which wasn't easy to see, so the paint job on this figure isn't accurate with the colour but is with where the markings should be. The blue design on his belt is very nice also. The blue markings on his back are great as well. Scythe comes with a DC-15 blaster rifle. It is unknown right now what Scythe will be in, but I presume he is either an exclusive or in a battle pack with two of the other Tango Company members. Right now, I rate this figure at 9/10 but my thoughts could change!

Commander Blackout: Another excellent Clone to add to the ever growing army! Commander Blackout is a re-design of the "Special Ops Clone Trooper" figure from the two-pack with the Geonosian Drone. Blackout served on a stealth ship commanded by Anakin Skywalker in the episode "Cat And Mouse". He also served as a mentor to CT-1284 "Spark". The design of this figure is nice and I really like this figure. The logo's on each of his shoulders is very nice and I like them. The only difference in the ear things (Earmuffs?) is that Blackout's are red while the ones worn by the Special Ops Clone Trooper in the two-pack are yellow. The yellow design, which I think is a spider, is also a nice detail on this figure. Blackout is coming out as a TRU exclusive in July. Right now, I rate this figure at 9/10 but my thoughts could change!

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Upcoming 2011 Wave 6 Figures

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the five figures that will come out in wave 6 of 2011.

CW58 Even Piell: This is a very nice new Jedi figure! Hasbro have got him really accurate to his appearance in the Citadel trilogy. I was kind of worried they might get the colour of his scar wrong like they did with Wolffe but no, they got the scar spot on. This figure is really well sculpted as well. The accessories included are his lightsaber and a bacpack with zipline. I much prefer that they did the zipline/backpack accessory over the usual Jedi jetpack or a bodybag that Piell was in , briefly in Citadel Rescue. Right now, I rate this figure at 9/10 but my thoughts could change!

CW59 Savage Opress (Armoured): Another great Savage Opress figure that is coming out! This is much better than thre shirtless version however and I much prefer this one. This one is so spectacular, i'm not bothered by the lack of ankle articulation! A difference between this and the shirtless version (Other than different outfits and other weapons) is that this Savage has no expression on his face which I think suits this Savage Opress figure well. The shoulder pads look great on Savage. Savage Opress also comes with a double bladed red lightsaber, similar to the one his brother Darth Maul uses. Right now, I rate this figure at 10/10 but my thoughts could change!

CW63 Chewbacca: YAY!!! This is one of my favourite characters in Star Wars so to see him released in the Clone Wars line so fast is excellent for me! The whole sculpting from top to bottom is very nice and extremely accurate and I love it. The head mold is excellent as well. The thing going diagonolly across his chest is very accurate as well. Chewbacca or "Chewie" made his debut in the episode "Wookiee Hunt". The design of the bowcaster is great as well. Right now, I rate this figure at 10/10 but my thoughts could change!

CW64 R7-D4: *Sighs* Why do Hasbro keep going with these cheap Astromech Droid re-paints? They waste space that could be taken up by good Clones, Jedi, Separatists etc, YET Hasbro keep at it with lame Astromech Droid re-paints! And still keep the price of them to high, if they were say 3£, 3$ etc. I could understand the constantness, but otherwise they are a waste of space. While this one "R7-D4" sports a 'newer' sculpt, he still looks terrible. I rate this figure at 2/10 as I find the constantness of Astromech Droids really annoying and unless Hasbro lower the prices on Astromechs, I will get really *Censors Words* if they keep making these lame figures!

CW65 Jar-Jar Binks (Re-pack): This Jar-Jar figure is a straight re-pack of the one that came out in 2008. It is a pretty decent figure but nothing special or even that interesting in it. He comes with a Jedi robe like seen in "Bombad Jedi". Most people will probably give the robe to a actual Jedi figure, I know I will. The head mold on Jar-Jar is very accurate and well done by Hasbro. Right now, I rate this figure at 5/10 but my thoughts could change!