Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.2

So, here is the second post of possible characters for Hasbro to make into characters, featuring five more characters!
6. Nightsister (Karis):
Karis would have to be an all-new sculpt, as Hasbro have never made any kind of Nightsister before, never mind an animated one. Detail would have to be extremely good for collectors to be really pleased. Karis therefore would need an entirely new head sculpt, and the rest of the body would most have likely have to be a new sculpt too. Articulation would be fairly decent, likely with the same bending knees as Ahsoka's figure. No ankle articulation for Karis most likely. All her accessories, apart from one possible accessory, would have to be all-new. Karis could come with a Nightsister crossbow, a dagger, and possibly the lightsaber she used to duel Count Dooku. I could see a basic figure release for this one. Maybe a re-pack in a battle pack in the future, as Hasbro don't tend to put new molds in battle packs without using them elsewhere first.
7. Nightsister (Naa'leth)
Naa'leth would have to have a new head-sculpt, regardless if they made Karis or a generic Nightsister first, mainly due to the hood-type-thing over her head. Detail should be good if they included that hood. But hopefully not like the Darth Sidious figure hood which needs a lot of tampering to come off. Pity, as it has one awesome face sculpt. Articulation would be fairly decent, with the same that could be given for Karis as mentioned above. Accessories could also be the same as Karis. Again, I'd say a basic figure release is likely.
8. Clone Trooper (Phase 2):
A Clone Trooper in Phase 2 gear would have to sport a new helmet scuplt, as there are no Clone Wars Phase 2 Clones made in the line yet. Hopefully, out of the two sculpts, they just pick one to go on with. Although, I don't hold my breath for that hapenning. Detail would have to be extremely good for some collectors to buy. Though I wouldn't need any persuasion, I'd be well into picking up several ones without any markings. Articulation-wise, depending on which sculpt they use, the articulation could vary. Hopefully, they use the original mold, as it seems more suited to this character. Accessory-wise, I'd expect Hasbro to throw in a plentiful amount, based on what they did with the 41st Legion Clone. Maybe a DC-15 blaster, Z-6 rotary cannon, and a spare DC-17 pistol. A basic figure release is a definite for this guy, and then we will probably see them again in other things, like battle packs and mini-rigs.
9. Clone Captain Rex (Phase 2):
Should a generic phase 2 Clone come out before Rex, it would/should be just a simple re-paint of that one, With a visor attached on his helmet, possibly rotating like the ARC Troopers for a playability feature. If the detail is done right, this could be a really great figure. I would love for them to use the face sculpt from CW62 again for this one, as it's the only true Rex face sculpt. Rex's helmet markings would look super done correctly on a phase 2 helmet. Articulation, again would vary depending on what sculpt is used, hopefully the original one for him. Accessory wise, two DC-17 pistols, a DC-15 blaster, a rocket launcher, and a cool addition would be mini-holograms of Anakin and Ahsoka, or both. As there has been a shortage of mini-holograms these days. A basic figure release is a definite for Rex as well, and then we can expect plenty more of him in battle packs, and the rest.
10. Clone Trooper Spark:
Clone Trooper Spark would be a pretty easy re-paint for Hasbro to do, whether he is in the Jet mold, or the Special Ops Trooper mold it would be an easy, plus cool figure to release. Although, if Hasbro wanted to be fully accurate to how Spark was in the show, they would have to give him a removable helmet, as he has his helmet off for the first few seconds he appeared. In my opinion, Hasbro might as well release Spark, seen as we have Blackout and a generic one already, and I would be really keen to get him, especially if he has a removable helmet. Articulation, would vary this time on the choice of mold, but likely to be Stone sculpt seen as Blackout and generic one are. Accessory-wise, most likely a DC-15 blaster, and depending on there choice, a removable helmet also. I could see him being a exclusive figure if he gets made.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.1

Ok, this is the start of that thing I'm posting as Star Wars Clone Wars Basic Action Figures, where I pick characters (Sometimes with the fans choices) and some of my own at times. I mention what acessories they could come with, what articulation they might have. I'm sure you get the picture by now :)

So, without further ado, let's begin with the first five choices! Feel free to comment on that page when I post this, on whether you agree or disagree with  me. Plus, the most vital part, send in new suggestions!:

1. Captain Tarkin:
Tarkin would be an interesting figure, provided he is done right. Detail wise, he would be a kit-bash body of the 2009 Admiral Yularen figure. I can't remember which, but I know either Tarkin is smaller than Yularen or vice-versa, so the body would need to be a different size. The face should be an all-new sculpt, which would be a nice addition. Articulation would probably be the exact same as Yularen, without any added articulation. Acessories could be any of: E-11 Droid Blaster, any Clone weapon, most likely DC-17 hand pistol like Yularen had. Maybe, due to the size of the new packaging for big acessories, it could include the same hologram table as Yularen, with a hologram, possibly of Even Piell, to go with it. A basic-figure release would be nice, but a mini-rig release could also be possible so Hasbro only need to include one gun.

2. Garnac
Garnac would have to be an all-new figure should he get a release, as his model is considerably different to that of Bossk. Detail on him should be done wll, to make him look considerably unique. A nice detail would be the harder horns included on the Savage Opress figures, as collectors like me prefer that horn sculpt. Articulation should be fairly good if they release him. I'd expect Hasbro to come out with everything except ankle, with the knee style articulation that either Cad Bane or Anakin Skywalker have, which would be good enough for me. Acessories, one could be a re-pack of that Trandoshan Shotgun in the CW63 Chewbacca figure. Maybe a knife, the one he tried to kill Ahsoka with, possible to fit in a holster. Maybe a Trandoshan Sniper Rifle as well would be a useful weapon. If Garnac was to get made, I'd say twice. Once in the basic line, followed by a mini-rig release with one of those hunting pods.

3. Clone Captain Keeli
Captain Keeli if made, would appear in either the original or Stone mold. I suspect they would make him in the original purely because he strikes me as a figure who would be a kit-bash/re-paint of the Clone Commander Wolffe figure, and is very similar. The detail would need to be very good, as Keeli has some very good, and very hard-to-do markings on him, especially his helmet design. Articulation wise, it would either be in either of those two molds I mentioned, and we both know what they look, and are like, so no need to say how fairly articulated he could be. Acessories wise, he would have to come with his two DC-17 blasters pistols, of course. Then most likely it will be the same as Wolffe's accesories, DC-15 blaster and rocket launcher, or maybe two DC-15 blaster rifles, like the ARF Trooper (Kamino) Maybe a new type of acessory if we're lucky, but probably just the usual Clone ones. I would see Keeli being very likely to get a spot in the basic line. Otherwise, maybe a battlepack with two of his legions regular troopers. I can't see a two-pack with Master Di hapenning, as Hasbro are adamant they will not release Di.
4. Osi Sobeck
Osi Sobeck would have to be all-new, being a new species to the show and all. Detail wise, I expect Sobeck to have a flexible head, so you can turn it well to look in whatever way you choose. I want him to have an evil smile on him, as pictured above, as it is very key to the character's personality. Articulation wise, I feel it could be alright, but not fairly good or perfect. I'd say we get knees, but only the knees on the season 3 Obi-Wan, which arn't that great, though I wish for the Anakin or Bane ones. Accessory wise, there's not a lot really. A Droid E-11 blaster like he used would be enough to get him into the mini-rig line. But I don't see a lot of hope for him in the basic line, unless they packed in several E-11 blasters. I honestly see Sobeck getting a place in the mini-rig line, packed in with another Stap, but at least people would want it this time. I just don't see him getting into the basic line, as there really is no other accessories, unless Hasbro invent their own, or use that pathetic speederboard, especially due to the newer, more acessory based packaging.
5. Satine Kryze
Satine would either have to be an all-new figures, or for some part, a kit-bash of the 2009 Padme Amidala. Detail wise, I think the character has the perfect detail for a figure, and I'm really gutted if Hasbro really don't ever make at least one variation of her, at least in the adventure gear pictured above. Articulation wise, I can see if she gets made, it being very similar if not exactly the same to the 2009 Padme, with or without ankle, I still think the knees of that Padme would be good enough to make this figure have enough decent articulation. Acessory wise, I would like to see her deactivator, which is around the size, but slightly smaller than that of Padme's pistol. Another acessory might be a hologram showing. You know, the thing that Anakin and that Protocol Droid held in Voyage of Temptation, the thing with the senate stamp. A possible acessory could be a cloak, the one she uses while on the run in Duchess of Mandalore, which would be sweet. Jar-Jar's figure has a cloak, so why not? Another possible one is that bulky thing Padme's 2009 one comes with, which I don't like anyway. If there is any chance of Satine appearing, which is already almost impossible, then perhaps a basic figure release would be the best bet.

PS: I know Hasbro are repeatedly saying we won't see Satine, but, if we push them enough they might just cave in and make her!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2009 Clone Wars Figures Wave 5

Ok, so here are my thoughts on all the figures from wave 5 of the Clone Wars line!

CW34 Clone Pilot Matchstick: Matchstick made his debut in one of the very first episodes of the Clone Wars, in the episode "Shadow of Malevolence". He died late into the episode as well. He has the original Clone mold as the Stone mold had not been created just yet, which means the articulation on him is the best possible. Detailing, he has an all-lew helmet, with a breathing tube attached to the helmet. Matchstick is the only pilot figure released who has a removable helmet, as Oddball, Goji and soon-to-be Warthog don't. On the top of his helmet, it's the standard pilot but in different colours, red logo and grey top. The detailing is also really coo, with those red lines, and those black zigzag shapes. The red lines are a bit off, they don't curve as much on the figure, but that's not a major problem. Other than that though, he just has the regular Clone body. The removable helmet is a nice feature as well. His acessories are the standard DC-15 blaster, and also a standard Z-6 Rotary Cannon. I rate this figure at 9/10, the helmet is a superb design, the only problems are he can't grip weapons well, and the lines are a little off, but it really is a great figure and should be added to your collection!

CW35 Padme Amidala: Padme Amidala debuts this particular outfit in the episode "Destroy Malevolence". Padme had been released in the Clone Wars line before, but in her white adventure gear in 2008. This one is her multiple-coloured adventure gear, and is much better and nicer looking in my opinion. She has really good articulation, everywhere good except the ankles, but they don't matter due to the knee articulation used. Detailing is good as well, very accurate to the look on the show. The hair design especially is awesome. My favourite detail is by far the purple/light coloured body design, it just looks fantastic on Padme. Her acessories are her usual blaster pistol, and some weird something which to me a bit like a odd rocket launcher with a mop attached to it. I rate this figure at the full 10/10, disappointing that there is no ankle articulation, but it doesn't bother me about this figure because it is so good anyway. Detail is great, one of the best Hasbro have done for Clone Wars in my opinion detail-wise. And I really like the head design as well. I hope we see a Scuba Gear Padme in the future, as that would complete all the outfits Padme has battled in.

CW36 Clone Tank Gunner: These Clone's made their debuts in the movie, where there are several on AV-7 cannons during the Battle of Christophsis. The articulation on this Clone is faultless, as it is not in the Stone mold, and therefore has all the articulation to make collectors happy. Detailing wise, he has a excellent thing on his chest, which is really cool and I really like it. he also has a small shoulder pad on each shoulder, the left of which having a logo on it, in white with the sign "V" on it, possibly for *Victory*. He sports a brand-new helmet, the most notable way to find out is to feel the back of the helmet, where it is firm/hard material. He has a nice paint job on his helmet, he has a sort of green triangle at the front, beside the grey area. He also has a mix of green and grey at the back of the helmet too. Acessories included with this figure are a standard DC-15 blaster, and also a Z-6 Rotary Cannon. I rate this great figure at the full 10/10. Articulation is awesome, detailing and paint job is superb, and he is a really great troop-building figure. A definite must have, possibly maybe more than one for the collection.

CW37 Ziro's Assasin Droid: These Assasin Droids protected the crime Hutt Ziro during the Clone Wars movie. All of them were destroyed by either Padme Amidala or the Coruscant Guard during a skirmish. Incidentally, Ziro The Hutt was once a confirmed figure for 2010, possibly as an exclusive, but was eventually scrapped unfortunately. The Articulation on this figure is almost perfect. As James Bond would say "Close, but no cigar". He has a brilliant rotating head, elbow and hand articulation is good, so is the knee. Only the ankle lets it down. It may rotate, but it doesn't bend down which is a bit disappointing. Detailing however, is simply wonderful. He has a lot of colour to him, mainly a mix of green and grey. He has two green *V* signs on his head. He has half green, half grey arms. Mixture of green and grey on the legs, though mainly grey. He has a nice red logo on his chest as well. Not much colour, other than grey on the back. His acessories are a standard Droid E-11 blaster, and a little plug-in thing that goes in his back where there is a hole. Not sure if that was in the movie, but it's in the figure. I'm going to rate this figure at 9.5/10. Nearly a perfect figure, but the difficulty in getting the ankle's to bend was a disappointment. Definitly a worthy figure to purchase though, like all of this wave.

2009 Clone Wars Figures Wave 3

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Clone Wars figures from 2009 wave "3", except for the space gear Anakin and Ahsoka as I passed on them, but will get both in the "Cad Bane's Escape" battle pack!
CW20 Clone Trooper Denal: Denal made his debut in the episode "Duel of the Droids", from which the gear of this figure is based on. He later appeared, and was killed in the episode "Cargo of Doom" where he sported different gear, which appears in the same battle pack mentioned above. One of the best parts about this figure is the remoable helmet, Denal never removed his helmet in the show, so to get a removable helmet anyway without him taking it off is fantastic, even if he just has the standard Clone head on him. Articulation for this figure is excellent, in all the good places, even ankle, as this figure isn't in the Stone mold. Detail wise, he doesn't have much detail on him, so it can't have been much work on his detail. He has a customized helmet, blue lines on his fin, across the top of his black area, and down the helmet too. He has the standard 501st legion arms. Aside from that, he has the regular Clone body. His acessories are a standard Clone DC-15 blaster, and a jetpack. Both based off what he used in "Duel of the Droids". I rate this figure at 9/10. It's a cool new Clone to add to the collection, the detail is accurate and he has nice acessories. Only problem is that he can't hold his blaster well, which is a bit of a problem.

CW22 Cad Bane: Cad Bane made his debut in the season 1 finale, in the episode "Hostage Crisis". This was the first Cad Bane to be released, followed by a better articulation and designed one in 2011, plus in Clone Trooper disgiuse in a battle pack. This was at the time a pretty good figure, considering it was Hasbro's first attempt at Bane. Looking back over it though, it really is a really poor figure, now that they've well improved it. The size of everything, like the head, the hat is off. The articulation is absolutely apalling on this figure. I can't think of a Clone Wars figure with worse! The legs have absolutely no movement, it's movement in the arms is minimal. The detail is also pretty poor, the cloak's detail is wrong, the arm pads are off, and the head looks squashed in and inaccurate. The hat is also pretty poor. Acessories included are two blaster pistols and a sniper rifle. Hasbro tried hard with a quick release of Bane, but honestly, they would have been better off waiting a bit to make this figure better. I rate this figure at a really poor 3/10. The acessories are nice, and the holsters are a cool, but otherwise, it really is poor. The 2011 version is much better, and even if you have this 2009 version, I advise you to get the 2011 one as it is MUCH better than this one.

Lego Harry Potter 4865 The Forbidden Forest

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Lego Harry Potter set in 2011, The Forbidden Forest. description:
In Forbidden Forest, Lord Voldemort and his followers have captured Hagrid and tied him to a tree. When Harry Potter enters the Forbidden Forest to face his destiny, Lord Voldemort attacks. Will Lord Voldemort defeat Harry Potter once and for all? Will Narcissa Malfoy betray the Dark Lord?
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Hagrid and Narcissa Malfoy
  • Accessories include wands, snake, owl, mushroom and spider
  • Measures 5” (12cm) wide and 4” (10cm) tall.
NOTE: It lists an owl being in this set in the description, but there is NOT a owl in this set.
Harry Potter: Harry wears his school robes in this set, which is unusual as he wore his casual clothes in the movie. Also unusual as his casual clothes had already being made. Harry has the same hair piece as all the other Harry mini-figures since the line was revived. He has a decent face print, highlighting the scar and glasses. He sports a Gryffindor torso with back printing in this set.

Hagrid: Hagrid is in his usual outfit, like in all the other sets, in this set, He has a very well done hair piece, getting every last part of hair right. The hair can be removed to reveal a smiling face print beneath. His feet can not move.

Voldemort: Voldemort is the only regular sized mini-figure in this set not to have back printing. He has a really good face print, which looks really evil, as well as being a rare entirely white head. He comes with a cape, and a snake respresenting his, Nagini, is included. Voldemort includes a decent torso piece.

Narcissa Malfoy: Narcissa is the best, and is the only exclusive mini-figure to this set, She has a two-sided face print, one content and the other shocked. She has a brilliant torso design, which features front and back printing. She has a brilliant two-coloured hair piece also. Also, she has a nicely printed leg/dress piece.

The set: The other things included are a tree, which has four blue fire pieces, which you use to trap Hagrid by the tree. The set contains a snake, mushroom and spider for putting around the tree.

Overall: This is a very useful set to have. It contains an entirely new figure *Narcissa*, two figures in previous expensive sets *Hagrid and Voldemort* in a much cheaper set, and it includes a tree which could be useful for a diorama. I rate this set at the full 10/10. It contains a lot for such a cheap set at $11. An all-new mini-figure, two previous expensive ones in a cheaper set, and another Harry! The tree is a nice build, and I definitly recommend you pick this set up, it is well worth the money.