Monday, 26 September 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.5

21 Commander Fil:
Hasbro now have the helmet sculpt that Commander Fil had in the episode, with the flashlights. So they might as well use it, and the way to do that would be to finally give us Commander Fil. Ever since he appeared all the way back in season 1, I've been wanting a figure of him, which still hasn't been made. Detail-wise, he has got a lot of paint applications and markings on him, so Hasbro would need to do a really good paint-job to get all the colours and exact place of the markings right. Hopefully they would do well, should he be made. Articulation depends on the mold chosen. If Fil gets made, I would suspect the original mold would be chosen, as that is the mold with the figure that could be kit-bashed/re-painted for this one. The Clone from the Legacy of Terror DVD pack. Accessories, your usual Clone accessories. His two DC-17 pistols, plus a DC-15 blaster and maybe the rocket launcher included with Draa. At this late stage, I can't see Draa getting made. If he does, which is almost impossible. A basic figure release would be chosen.
22 Clone Corporal Comet:
Comet would be a very nice Clone character to make into a figure in my opinion. He has a pretty cool helmet design, plus he is from my favourite legion, the Wolfpack! Detail-wise, pretty much the CW48 Commander Wolffe body but without the pointy bit on his left arm and the kama. But pretty much a kit-bash of the rest of the body. Comet is one of my favourite clones, so should Hasbro make him, I really hope they get the helmet markings spot on. Articulation, I don't know why, but this one just strikes me as one they would give the Stone mold too. So, the articulation will depend on which mold is chosen. Accessories, a couple of DC-15 blasters, and a jetpack he used in "Padawan Lost" is what I could see Hasbro giving him. Should he get made, I think a basic figure release, or in a battle pack possibly.
23. Clone Trooper (Wolfpack):
I'm really surprised Hasbro haven't already given us a generic Wolfpack trooper. They appear more than most Clones made, plus they've been on the show longer than most as well. They've made almost every phase 1 Clone now, except for Wolfpack. So I hope for a phase 1 Wolfpack by the end of this year, early next year. Detail-wise, Wolfpack being my favourite legion, I would definitly be severe on any mistaken/mis-done detail on one of these guys if made. They would generally just use the body of Wolffe without the kama, and if Hasbro decided not to go with that I will be utterly speechless, and just make a new body design for them. Articulation, if they use the Wolffe body, it would then be the original mold, which I hope they give to any Wolfpack Clone made. Accessories, a jetpack, rocket launcher and two DC-15 blasters I'd say. I think a basic figure and/or battle pack release maybe...
24 Clone Trooper Dogma:
Considering that it is likely we will see different phase 2 clones before we potentialy see this one (Rex, generic etc) than this one would be a re-paint of other ones. Detail-wise, I don't know if Hasbro would include a removable helmet for this one. He has a face tatoo that I think would be very difficult for Hasbro to make into a figure, but props to them if they tried it, and gave us a figure like that, even if it's not entirely accurate. The helmet has a pretty neat design in my opinion, and I hope Hasbro would do it justice. Articulation, again vary's on which mold is used. The original with the full articulation, or the Stone mold to make the Clone represent how he appeared in the show. Accessory wise, I'd say a DC-15 blaster, a rocket launcher, as well as one of those things in the Dee Bradley Baker interview, where you see a Clone hit a button and whatever it was carries you somewhere. And a removable helmet, should they do the face tatoo and not leave it out. I could see a basic figure release for this one next year. If not, then in a mini-rig or battle pack.
25 Clone Trooper Tup:
Clone Trooper Tup will most likely just be a re-paint if Hasbro make him. Though I don't see why not, he appears to have a pretty basic design. Detail-wise, I would expect a removable helmet for him. All his head is, is a young Clone head with a blue type comma/tear on the right side of his face (right from Tup's point of view), and his helmet is pretty basic too. So, I don't see why Hasbro, if they make him, can't give him a removable helmet or get his markings wrong. Articulation, depends again on which mold they use. Accessory-wise, I'd say the same as I said above for Clone Trooper Dogma, except a definite on a removable helmet. I'd be really surprised if Hasbro didn't make Tup, a definite release soon I think. A basic figure release or mini-rig/battle pack I would say...

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.4

16. Riff Tamson:
Riff Tamson would absolutely have to be an all-new sculpt. As we have had nothing like him that could be kit-bashed/re-tooled from another figure. Detail-wise, Hasbro could do either a really bad job at this, or an amazing job at this. It's one or the other, it can't be anything else. A nice detailed feature they could would be snapping jaws, as the actual character likes to go around biting into characters. The body detail might be easy, main colours would be the Separatist ones with logos. The face sculpt would provide the main problem, should they make Tamson. Articulation, all the neccessary except ankle articulation as usual from Hasbro I'd expect. Or, as he has different feat to the usual figures, they might just give him ankles to add for more playability, but I'd expect not. They could throw in excellent arm articulation, so you could pose him like he would be floating. Accessories is the major problem with this one, as I can't think of anything to come with. One thing that strikes me, would be his torture devices at the start of "Prisoners". Either a couple of eels, or those "torture" machines that hold Padme and Jar-Jar. But I can't see them fitting both in. If made, I'd say a basic figure release.
17 Adi Gallia:
Adi Gallia would either be a kit-bash or an entirely new-sculpt. Kit-bash possibly with parts from other Jedi figures, with an all-new head on top. But I would rather they made an all-new sculpt for Gallia, her body is definitly different to that of other Jedi figures. Detail-wise, I would hope for exellent detail. The head sculpt especially, could be of a great design, but could also easily be messed up. The body shouldn't be too difficult to detail. Articulation, definitly everything except the ankles, with bending knees like CW44 Ahsoka or CW45 Anakin. Accessories, obviously her lightsaber. The other/other's could prove difficult. I'd say a Hasbro invention, or re-use of the glider in CW54 Saesee Tiin but in her starfighter's colours, could be a potential accessory.
18 ARF Commander Trauma:
Trauma would be a mix of a kit-bash and re-paint. Re-paint the regular ARF body, but then kit-bash involving the pauldron and kama and stick it onto the ARF body, as we haven't had a ARF Commander before, just regular ones. Detail-wise, I would hope for great detail. Trauma has a lot of different colours to him, and I would hope Hasbro would be able to detail all these colours in correctly, with the proper colour paint. Articulation, as he would be in the ARF body: it would definitly be the full articulation, including ankles. Accessories would be his DC-17 blaster pistols, a DC-15 blaster. Plus, a Hasbro invention I would say, or a Z-6 rotary cannon. I could see a basic release for this one...
19 Lux Bonteri (Cold Weather):
Lux Bonteri would have to be an all-new sculpt should he be made, which doesn't look likely. Detail-wise, I would hope for a lot of excellent detail done into this figure. Especially on that hat, I hope for excellent detail on his hat. I much prefer this Lux hear to his original one, it just looks more realistic. Articulation, same as either the recent Anakin or Ahsoka figures, without any ankle articulation. Accessories is the main problem with this one. Considering he will be with Death Watch, maybe a Mandalorian blaster or two. Also, a removable hat would be nice. Other than that, I'm not sure. I doubt this will be made at all, but perhaps in a mini-rig, packed in with either a Mandalorian speeder bike, or some form of speeder shown in that interview with Dee Bradley Baker.
20 Ahsoka Tano (Cold Weather):
This Ahsoka would most likely, if not definitly have to be an all-new sculpt. Considering that Ahsoka's snow gear is considerably different to that of the cold weather Jedi made so far, as well as that she is a female. Detail-wise, I hope it's extremely good. The most impressive thing about the recent CW44 Ahsoka was the amazing detail, and we finally had a good Ahsoka face sculpt! So, I hope for a similar or better face sculpt if this one is made. And I hope the cold weather gear is done, it looks amazing her cold weather gear. Articulation, either with the CW44 Ahsoka knees, or with the CW53 Plo Koon knees. One or the other I'd say, consideing it's a cold weather gear one. No ankles as usual. Accessories, this is easy to be honest. Her usual two lightsabers, possibly a removable cold weather hat, to reveal her full head. A cool addition would be to be able to take off the whole cold weather gear, to reveal the normal outfit one underneath. But I doubt that will happen, Hasbro will want this to be an entirely-different Ahsoka figure. I'm just gonna say flat out that this WILL be made, hopefully in early 2012. I can't see this being a question, we've gotten every cold weather Jedi after all, including ones not in the show! I'd look out for this one next year, definite basic figure release from my point of view.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.3

Here is the third post on 'possible' figures for Hasbro to make. All from the Clone Wars season 4 premiere on Mon Calamari!
11. Anakin Skywalker (Scuba Gear):
Anakin would probably have to be an all-new sculpt should he be made in scuba gear. As we haven't seen any scuba gear figures yet. And also, the 2011 CW45 Anakin Skywalker was all-new, even though it would have been easier to make out of used parts. Detailing, the overall gear, such as the outfit, helmet etc would most likely be really good. However, Hasbro would likely mess the face sculpt up. None of the Anakin face sculpts in the Clone Wars line has even slightly resembled him, to be honest, so that wouldn't surprise me. Articulation would most likely be similar to CW45, or have some slight differences, but most likely no ankle articulation again. Accessories, would be his lightsaber, removable scuba helmet, and possibly backpack as well. Definitly a basic figure release for this one, and almost certainly re-packed in future packaging and battle packs.
12. Padme Amidala (Scuba Gear):
Padme would definitly require an all-new sculpt, to make her even slightly resemble the character pictured above, and to improve on the sculpt of the previous Padme's. Detailing would probably be great, as it has been on the previous Padme's. Only problem might be a slightly-off face sculpt, but hopefully Hasbro could improve on their face sculpt for Padme. Articulation would be the same as 2009 CW35 Padme Amidala, without any ankle articulation again. Accessories included could be her usual blaster pistol, with a holster to keep it in. As well as a removable scuba helmet and backpack for the scuba gear. I'm a bit unsure about this one, Hasbro tends not to want to release female characters into figures, unless they are Jedi, so they might not make this one. However, if they do, I'd say a basic figure release, or in a mini-rig.
13. Ahsoka Tano (Scuba Gear):
Ahsoka would probably have to be an all-new sculpt, given how her facial expressions in these episodes were much different than on her previous figures. Detailing would have to be excellent to impress me, as the detail on CW44 Ahsoka in 2011 was one of the best detailed figures (my opinion) in all my years of collecting. So more of the same or better would be neccessary for me to like a scuba gear version. Articulation would be the same as CW44 Ahsoka. Accessories included could be her two lightsabers, removable scuba helmet, a backpack and removable flippers. Hasbro will definitly release this one. Ahsoka is a popular figure, and Hasbro definitly want to keep this main character on the shelves, and releasing a scuba gear version is a great way to do that! Definitly a basic figure release, and re-packs in battle packs for this one.
14 Clone Commander Monnk:
Depending on whether they release a normal Scuba Clone first, Monnk would either be a re-paint with his excellent painting, or an entirely new-sculpt. Detailing should be excellent here, the main part to get the detail right would be the overall sculpt, and then the paint-apps here. I really like the markings on this character, so should he be made, I would hope that Hasbro do an excellent job on his detail. Articulation design for this Clone variation, should it be made as a figure, might have articulation similar to that of CW41 Hevy but either slightly better or slightly worse, but I feel Hasbro could go for the around texture of Hevy. Accessories could be that epic Scuba Clone gun in the picture. Other than that, I'm not too sure. Maybe removable parts of his gear, like they did with the 2008 Clone Space Trooper and 2011 Stealth Ops Clone Trooper. That would be nice to see. I could see a generic Scuba Clone get released, but I'm not too sure about Monnk. The design is great, hopefully he will get made though. If he does, I'd say a basic figure release.
15 Captain Ackbar:
Captain Ackbar would have to be an all-new sculpt. No re-tooling any parts of the 2009 Nahdar Vebb figure, as there are considerable and major differences between the two characters. Detailing shouldn't be too hard should Hasbro decide to make him. Most of the gear Ackbar wears is white, so that shouldn't be much of a threat to them. The face sculpt would pose the problem, and collectors would have Hasbro under pressure to get his face just right, as they messed up CW63 Chewbacca's face. Articulation, everything except ankle articulation I'd say, which would be a wreck, as they would have worked so hard again, but decide against ankle articulation. Accessories: This is a tricky one for Ackbar. The only one I can think of is possbly two of those Mon Calamari spear blasters they use in the episodes. Other than that, I can't think of any other accessories he could get, besides Hasbro inventing their own again. I'd say we should see him in the basic line sometime in 2012.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

CW44 Ahsoka: Ahsoka Tano first appeared in this outfit in the episode "Heroes on Both Sides" and has been wearing it ever since. It will most likely be her main gear from that episode until the end of the series. Ahsoka is a fairly well articulated figure, with articulation in pretty much everywhere except the ankles. Though the lack of ankle articulation matters not, as she stands without it anyway. Detail is really good on her, I especially love the way Hasbro detailed the parts of her skin showing on any parts skin is showing on her body. Another great detail-wise part is, Hasbro have FINALLY perfected an Ahsoka face/head sculpt! It is an absolutely fantastic sculpt, and looks very true to the character. Accessories she comes with are, her long lightsaber, her shoto lightsaber, and hilts for both of her lightsabers. I'm going to rate Ahsoka at 10/10, Hasbro really improved on past Ahsoka figures with this one, some nice accessories, and the detail on her is top notch.

CW45 Anakin Skywalker: Anakin, like Ahsoka, first wore this outfit in "Heroes on Both Sides" and will always wear it from then onwards. Anakin is fairly well articulated, just missing the key ankle articulation, and it shows often, as the figure can struggle to stand without the ankles. Detail is pretty good, but not great. The Jedi robes Anakin wears are sculpted and detail perfectly, especially the way the part over his legs can be pulled up for a pretty neat feature. However, the detail is let down by the face sculpt, it just looks really awful. Hasbro have messed up all their Anakin face sculpts in the Clone Wars line, so I'm honestly not surprised at that. Accessories are his normal blue lightsaber, and a rather cool accessory, which is a metal/Droid arm. This is an arm based off what is underneath Anakin's glove when it is taken of, as Anakin got part of that arm cut off by Dooku. I'm going to rate Anakin at 7/10. Pretty cool Anakin figure, the best in the line so far! Though it could do with improvements. I'm taking a mark each off for the lack of ankle articulation, the face sculpt, and he just can't get a grip on his weapon, which can get frustrating.

CW46 Aqua Droid: The Aqua Droids debut, and so far their only appearance to date is in the episode "ARC Troopers". Although they will be making a return in season 4 of the series. Articulation on the badass new Separatist Droid is perfect, plenty of articulation on all sorts of places on the figure, and it really is great, as Hasbro often cheat us on articulation with figures, before releasing better articulated versions later in the line. Detail on this figure is great. I love how Hasbro superbly managed to detail in that red eye on his head. The figure itself has a ton of great detail, and a lot of blue paint-job. His sole accessory is a removable blaster on his arm, which is pretty cool that it's removable, as I believe many presumed Hasbro would just glue it into the figures arm. I'm going to rate the Aqua Droid at 8/10, really nice figure, stunning detail, only reason I'm taking marks off is because the figure literally can't stand. It gets quite frustrating easily.

CW47 El-Les: El-Les has so far only appeared in the episode "Clone Cadets" which was the premiere episode of season 3. El-Les was portrayed as being an unusual Bounty Hunter. Articulation is fairly good on this new figure. El-Les only lacks ankle articulation, which Hasbro are getting into an annoying habit of not including it. His great arm articulation though allows for great weapon poses. Detail is really cool on El-Les, he has a totally new head sculpt, which totally awesome, and I really like it. The torso gear has some nice colours to it as well. Accessory wise, he comes with a decent blaster pistol, and a rather annoying sniper rifle, but I'll come to that later. I'm going to rate El-Les at 8/10. He has a really nice face sculpt, some great detail, and I really like the pistol as well. Only reason I'm taking marks off, one due to the lack of ankle articulation. The other is because of the sniper rifle. While it's a slick design, it just is so annoying to fit into his hand, and not worth the effort. I highly recommend you pick him up however, as it's rare to get a new species figure in the line with all the Clones and that sort, so this is a great figure.

CW48 Clone Commander Wolffe: Wolffe made his debut in the episode "Rising Malevolence", although he didn't wear his Clone armour in that episode. He has appeared in several episodes since then. This figure is based on how he looked in "R2 Come Home". Articulation is perfect as it's not in the Stone sculpt, so he even has ankle articulation, which is always welcome. The arms allow for great weapon poses. Detail is really fantastic, Hasbro have matched every part of Wolffe's appearance in the show onto the figure, and I love the inclusion of Wolffe's cybernetic eye, which makes him rather unique. Some really great markings on Wolffe. Accessories are two DC-17 blaster pistols, which fit snugly into his holsters, a DC-15 blaster and a rocket launcher. I'm going to rate Wolffe at 10/10. I love this figure, it's a kit-bash/re-paint of the Rex and Cody figures, but makes up the errors they both had. Some great detail on him, a great helmet detail, some nice accessories, and a lovely face sculpt. This isn't your average Clone re-paint. If there's one must get Clone figure, it's this one, definitly...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

2011 TRU Exclusive Stealth Operations Clone Trooper "Commander Blackout"

Commander Blackout leads the Stealth Ops Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars. His debut, and only appearance to date so far, is the episode "Cat and Mouse", which is what this figure is based from. Blackout is of the Stone sculpt, so therefore does not have the full articulation, which includes a lack of ankle articulation. The detail on Blackout is nice, has a logo on each shoulder, and has a unique helmet paint-job, which looks vaguely like a spider, the yellow part. Accessorries included are a standard Clone DC-15 blaster, pretty common/regular with almost all Clone Trooper figures, so nothing really special there. The other accessory is the removable earpiece on Blackout's helmet. This is included because the helmet mold is the same as Commander Jet's helmet, and Jet has the same feature as Blackout. Kind of a pointless accessory, given that Hasbro didn't include anything to interchange it with. I'm going to rate Blackout at 9/10. Only reason I'm taking a mark off, is because of the lack of ankle articulation, but this is still a really cool Clone figure, and definitly worth a purchase in my opinion.