Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Upcoming Republic Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Check out my early thoughts on the one and only battle pack we will be getting in the Clone Wars line for next year!
Clone Trooper Cutup: I really like the look of this figure. I'm glad Hasbro went back against their word, and will release another cadet to give Hevy some company. Cutup's only accessory will be a DC-15 blaster rifle. I have seen a review of this figure already, and overall, I think this is better than the Hevy figure. Better detail from my point of view. Contrary to popular belief, Cutup actually has a new face-sculpt, and that is one thing I find better on Cutup over Hevy. 

Bomb Squad Clone: This looks like a great figure. The paint looks fantastic, and the logo's on the shoulder are fantastically detailed. The only accessory with this one is a DC-15 blaster. It has been three years since we saw this Clone on-screen, and I had given up on seeing a figure of one. So, it is excellent Hasbro is going back a long way to release this Clone. It's a pity that there is no ankle articulation, but that's to be expected now.

Clone Trooper Hardcase: I totally can't wait for this Hardcase figure. I loved Hardcase during the Umbara arc, and I can't wait for this figure. Hardcase's accessory is a DC-15 blaster. It is no surprise that Hardcase is in the Stone sculpt, seen as Jesse & Kix were too. My most wanted figure out of this battle pack, and I hope we see a phase II version next year. 

Battle pack as a whole: This is a very good battle pack, and I will definitly get one. It includes three clones I really want, all for different reasons. Cutup because he will display well with Hevy, Bomb Squad because the detail is so fantastic, & Hardcase because I love the character  to bits, and the figure looks great. My only complaint is it feels so random, like Hasbro just decided to make 3 random clones and throw them in the same battle pack. I just hope we still see Corporal Comet and a Wolfpack Clone in phase I soon...