Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Upcoming Republic Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Check out my early thoughts on the one and only battle pack we will be getting in the Clone Wars line for next year!
Clone Trooper Cutup: I really like the look of this figure. I'm glad Hasbro went back against their word, and will release another cadet to give Hevy some company. Cutup's only accessory will be a DC-15 blaster rifle. I have seen a review of this figure already, and overall, I think this is better than the Hevy figure. Better detail from my point of view. Contrary to popular belief, Cutup actually has a new face-sculpt, and that is one thing I find better on Cutup over Hevy. 

Bomb Squad Clone: This looks like a great figure. The paint looks fantastic, and the logo's on the shoulder are fantastically detailed. The only accessory with this one is a DC-15 blaster. It has been three years since we saw this Clone on-screen, and I had given up on seeing a figure of one. So, it is excellent Hasbro is going back a long way to release this Clone. It's a pity that there is no ankle articulation, but that's to be expected now.

Clone Trooper Hardcase: I totally can't wait for this Hardcase figure. I loved Hardcase during the Umbara arc, and I can't wait for this figure. Hardcase's accessory is a DC-15 blaster. It is no surprise that Hardcase is in the Stone sculpt, seen as Jesse & Kix were too. My most wanted figure out of this battle pack, and I hope we see a phase II version next year. 

Battle pack as a whole: This is a very good battle pack, and I will definitly get one. It includes three clones I really want, all for different reasons. Cutup because he will display well with Hevy, Bomb Squad because the detail is so fantastic, & Hardcase because I love the character  to bits, and the figure looks great. My only complaint is it feels so random, like Hasbro just decided to make 3 random clones and throw them in the same battle pack. I just hope we still see Corporal Comet and a Wolfpack Clone in phase I soon...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

2011 Defend Kamino

Clone Trooper Echo: Echo wore this outfit for the first and only time in the episode "ARC Troopers", which this episode is based off. This is a new Echo figure, with a different paint-job to the other phase I version. The articulation on this is flawless, being in the original mold, it was of course going to be flawless. The accessories included are two DC-15 blasters, though one has a bent handle, while the other one is perfect. Odd. The helmet paint-job is pretty cool, and I especially love the detail given to Echo's handprint, plus the young face-sculpt. Rating: 10/10.

Clone Trooper Fives: Like Echo, Fives wore his phase I 501st outfit for the one and only time in "ARC Troopers". This Fives has a paint-job, unlike the previous phase I version which was just a plain Clone with the Fives head. It is great to see a Fives figure with a paint-job now. I much prefer Fives's paint-job to Echo's, especially the Rishi eel on the helmet, and the fact that the memory to Hevy is on his arm, not leg. Fives also comes with two DC-15 blasters, and like with Echo's, one is bent while the other is perfect. Double odd. The face detail is really cool on Fives. Rating: 10/10.

ARC Commander Blitz: Blitz so far has only appeared in the two Kamino episodes. He survived the Battle of Kamino, and could re-appear later in the series. Blitz shares the same Clone sculpt introduced with the Commander Colt figure, and it is an excellent sculpt, great detail and full articulation. The paint-apps on the kama are funny in a way, but executed well. The yellow markings on Blitz are a great touch as well, as is all the ARC trooper gear. I love the helmet, Hasbro did a great job with the sculpt of the helmet, and sculpting the rangefinder onto it. Blitz comes with two DC-17 blaster pistols, plus an interesting gun that is actually an animated version of something that appeared in the old Clone Wars series. Rating: 10/10.

This is probably the best battle pack of the line! All three figures are flawless, and a worthy addition to the line! If you want anything Hasbro released in 2011, I'd recommend this above all else.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lego Star Wars 2012

A post for 2012 Lego Star Wars sets that I will continue to update!
9488 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid battle pack:

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lego Possible Sets. Clone Wars Season 1 Episodes 6-10

Downfall of a Droid:
Banking Clan Frigate:
Mini-figures (5): Grievous, Battle Droid Commander & 3 Battle Droids.
Description: "Combat the Republic venator-cruisers in space with the Banking Clan Frigate!"
Pieces: 1,250
Price: 149.99$
Vulture's Claw:
Mini-figures (4): Gha Nachkt, Assassin Droid, Anakin & Ahsoka (new gears).
Description: "Build the Vulture's Claw, to stop Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano from finding R2-D2!"
Pieces: 950
Price: 119.99$
Duel of the Droids:
Skytop Station Playset:
Mini-figures (10): Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, R2-D2, R3-S6, Denal, Grievous, Magnaguard & 2 Battle Droids.
Description: "Help the Republic forces rescue R2-D2 from the clutches of General Grievous!"
Pieces: 3000
Price: 249.99$
Bombad Jedi:
Padme Amidala's Ship:
Mini-figures (5): Padme Amidala, C-3PO, Jar-Jar Binks, Silood & Battle Droid.
Description: "Help Padme defend her ship from an attacking Crab Droid!"
Pieces: 350
Price: 29.99$
Cloak of Darkness:
Droch-class Boarding Ship:
Mini-figures (5): Asajj Ventress, 2 Super Battle Droids & 2 41st Clone Troopers.
Description: "Attack Clone Troopers with the Droch-class boarding ship!"
Pieces: 150
Price: 19.99$
Lair of Grievous:
Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter:
Mini-figures (2): Kit Fisto & R6-H5).
Description: "Fly into the battle with Kit Fisto in his Jedi starfighter!"
Pieces: 200
Price: 29.99$
Grievous's Lair Playset:
Mini-figures (9): Kit Fisto, Nahdar Vebb, Commander Fil, 2 Clone Troopers, Grievous, EV-A4-D, Battle Droid & Magnaguard.
Description: "Help Jit Fisto and his team infiltrate Grievous's lair and capture Grievous! Along the way, take out traps such as the monster known as Gor!"
Pieces: 2000
Price: 199.99$

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lego Star Wars 7957 Sith Nightspeeder description:
Sith Assassin Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress are speeding toward Anakin Skywalker on the stealthy Sith Nightspeeder with flick-missiles. Detach their twin pods and close in on the young Jedi warrior! Will Anakin Skywalker be able to fend them off? You decide!
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Anakin Skywalker, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress
  • Features 4 lightsabers and weapon!
  • Flick-fire the missile!
  • Detach the twin pods from the Sith Nightspeeder for a multi-directional attack!
  • Measures over 6” (15cm) wide, 5” (12cm) long and 2” (5cm) tall
  • Pods measure over 4” (10cm) long
Anakin Skywalker: A new Anakin mini-figure is released here, this time in his season 3 outfit! This is a nice new mini-figure, it's not really that special, but it is a good mini-figure to have in the collection. Anakin comes with a blue lightsaber. I like this mini-figure, it has nice new details, and is better than the original CW Anakin mini-figure. Rating: 7/10

Asajj Ventress: Like Anakin, Ventress has been released before, but in a different version, and again, I feel the newer version is better and more detailed. Ventress comes with her two red lightsabers. Very nice mini-figure, and I would recommend this mini-figure over the original Ventress. Rating: 9/10

Savage Opress: This is one of Lego's best mini-figures ever! I love this one, and it is by far the best Star Wars mini-figure in 2011. I'd recommend getting the set JUST for this mini-figure, it is that awesome. Savage comes with a double-bladed lightsaber and what is supposed to be his pike. Great mini-figure, and a worthy addition to the sets. Rating: 10/10

The set: The other part of the set is the Sith Nightspeeder vehicle. It is a very easy build, with no complicated parts to it really. The stickers are a real pain trying to put them in the right positions, and it's a relief when the stickers are finally aside. Other than those problems, it does look nice when done. Rating: 6/10.

I rate the set as a whole at 8.5/10. Great mini-figures, and a must-have for you're mini-figure collection. The nightspeeder is annoying with the stickers, but the stickers are a part of the theme sadly, we just have to deal with it.

Friday, 11 November 2011

New Upcoming January 2012 Figures

Here are my thoughts on the three new figures coming in January, 2012!

1. Anakin Skywalker:
There will be a new Anakin Skywalker figure released next here. This is a re-tool of the CW45 figure, but without any updated articulation, which really was the only reason I might have gotten another season 3 outfit Anakin. The changes between this and CW45 are a fabric skirt, new right arm and updated face sculpt. Another chance is the accessories, a weird Hasbro invented blue accessory (don't know what it is supposed to be) and his lightsaber. I won't be picking this one up, I just don't need another Anakin in this outfit. If they made Anakin in his scuba gear, I'd buy, but not this...

2. Clone Trooper:
The generic clones make a transformation to phase 2 with this figure! I will certainly be trying to get this one. I have grown to prefer the phase 2 armour, and would love a generic Clone in that armour. I believe this figure features a new sculpt, that is similar in design to the Stone sculpt, but with different elbows at least. I don't believe he has ankle articulation, but it is Hasbro, what do you expect? Accessories included are a DC-15 blaster, DC-15 blaster rifle and a pretty cool looking jetpack, with two launchers for playability. I look forward to this one being released, and I hope to get it.

3. Clone Commander Cody:
This is another Clone now in phase 2 that I really want to get! The detail on this Cody is superb, and in my opinion, this is the best Cody Hasbro has ever made! I believe this Cody has ankle articulation, which may be incorrect, as this Cody uses the same sculpt as the generic phase 2 Clone. That helmet detail is superb, and one of the best designed helmets in the line. Accessories are a removable helmet, DC-15 blaster rifle, that ridicuolous propulsion pack and a new accessory, which is possibly Hasbro invented, and I don't know what it is supposed to be (very small). This is one of my most anticapated figures in the line, and I really hope to add this to my collection!

Ratings (so far):
Anakin: 7/10
Clone Trooper: 9/10
Commander Cody 10/10

Packaging: As for my opinion on the packaging. I actually quite like it, it adds a different side to the packaging variants used in the line. My only criticism of it is that it doesn't have a Clone Wars feel, with the picture being realisic and all. Poor  marketing decision by Hasbro...

Monday, 7 November 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.14

66. Ima-Gun-Di
Ima-Gun Di would be a kit-bash off a couple of other figures (probably) if made. Most likely from Plo Koon & Nikto Guard. Detail-wise, I would hope they would do a great job on the face-sculpt, as that is the only thing they would definitly have to make an effort to create something new on this one. Articulation, if they use the Plo body, it would have terrible articulation. Otherwise, possibly that of the cold weather Plo Koon. Accessories, his lightsaber. Other then that, Hasbro would have to invent their own accessories. Hasbro have said we won't see Ima-Gun Di, but I think they should make him, as he was an excellent Jedi and would look good as a figure.
67. Clone Trooper (Keeli's Legion)
I would like to see this one made. This is one Clone with a lot of different markings to the normal Clone, and it isn't a very easy re-paint. Detail-wise, if they make this guy, I hope they would do a good paint-job. Articulation, either the Stone sculpt or original mold. Accessories, two DC-15 blasters and a z-6 rotary cannon. I think Hasbro should put this guy in a battle pack, he would make a cool Clone re-paint.
68. Cham Syndulla
Cham Syndulla would have to be an all-new figure if made, and would make for a very interesting addition to the line. Detail-wise, being all-new, he would have to use an entirely new sculpt if made. Articulation, similar to Hondo Ohnaka, with no leg articulation. Accessories, a blaster pistol, and probably have a Hasbro invented accessory. I'd say the best chance for Cham is in the mini-rig line with a Blurgg, but even that's very unlikely.
69. King Katuunko
Katuunko would also have to be an all-new sculpt if made. Detail-wise, Katuunko has so much different aspects/details to him, and I would hope that Hasbro would do a fantastic job here. Articulation, everything except the ankles, perhaps even ankles, as he has short legs. Accessories, a Toydarian blaster and sword, and maybe a throne chair? I don't think we will see Kaatunko released, which is a shame, because I would love to see him as a figure.
70. Bail Organa
Bail Organa might also have to be an all-new sculpt if made. Detail-wise, I hope Hasbro would do a great job, as I really like his face and clothing design in the series. Articulation, everything except the ankles, of course. Accessories, his blaster in "Senate Murders". Other than that, I'm not sure, except for Hasbro invented accessories. I'd like to see a animated Bail Organa, but I don't see Hasbro releasing a Bail anytime soon, if at all...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lego Possible Sets. Clone Wars Season 1 Episodes 1-5

Toydarian Ship:
Mini-figures (3): King Kaatunko, Yoda & Toydarian Soldier.
Description: "The Separatists want the Toydarians to join them instead of the Republic! Can Jedi Master Yoda convince King Kaatunko to join the Republic? Build the Toydarian Ship, and you decide!"
Pieces: 84
Price: 19.99$
Banking Clan Frigate:
Mini-figures (5): Asajj Ventress, 3 Battle Droids & 1 Super Battle Droid.
Description: "Combat the Republic venator-cruisers in space with the Banking Clan Frigate!"
Pieces: 1,250
Price: 149.99$
Separatist Landing Craft:
Mini-figures (6): Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid, Thire, Jek & Rys.
Description: "Separatist landing crafts invade Rugosa! Can Clone troopers Thire, Jek and Rys hold them off?"
Pieces: 1,120
Price: 139.99$
Rising Malevolence:
Pod Hunter:
Mini-figures (4): 2 Rocket Battle Droids, Boost & Sinker.
Description: A Pod Hunter is after escape pods. Can Boost and Sinker destroy the Pod Hunter?"
Pieces: 135
Price: 29.99$
Shadow of Malevolence:
Pelta-class Frigate:

Mini-figures (3): Nala Se, Clone Medic & Clone Trooper.
Description: "Wounded clones! Build the Pelta-class frigate, to help the Clone Medic heal wounded Clone Troopers!"
Pieces: 860
Price: 89.99$
Destroy Malevolence:

Mini-figures (7): Grievous, 2 Battle Droids, Firefighter Droid, Shadow Squadron Pilot, Padme Amidala & C-3PO.
Description: "Padme Amidala and C-3PO are caught in a trap! Build the Malevolence, and use it to capture Padme & C-3PO!"
Pieces: 1,500
Price: 159.99$
Padme's Naboo Cruiser:
Mini-figures (5): Padme Amidala, C-3PO, R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Description: "Build Padme's Naboo Cruiser, and help Padme and her colleagues escape the Malevolence!"
Pieces: 320
Price: 49.99$
Separatist Rail Jet
Mini-figures (3): Grievous, Battle Droid & Padme Amidala.
Description: "Can Grievous stop Padme Amidala and capture her? Build the Separatist Rail Jet, and decide!"
Pieces: 350
Price: 29.99$
Rishi Moon Outpost:
Mini-figures (6): Hevy, Echo, Fives, Clone Sentry & 2 Commando Droids.
Description: After Rishi Moon Outpost comes under attack from Commando Droids, can Echo, Fives and Hevy defend the outpost? Build and decide which way the battle goes!"
Pieces: 1,100
Price: 119.99$

I may have season 1 episodes 6-10 done within the next few days, perhaps...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.13

61. Ky Narec:
Ky Narec would have to be for the face at least, all-new. Maybe a re-tooling of the Jedi robes of some other figure, but definitly a new head-sculpt. Detail, not that hard really, aside from the face, he's you're usual Jedi with the robes, so it wouldn't be that hard. Articulation, everything except the ankles of course, with knees similar to CW45 Anakin Skywalker. Accessories, this is a tricky one, besides his lightsaber, there isn't anything he could come with, unless it is a Hasbro invented accessory. I don't see any chance for this guy, while he would look cool and might sell well, but he hardly appeared, and that was only in a flashback, so I don't see Ky Narec getting released.
62. Karkarodon Warrior:
This warrior would make for an interesting figure in the line. The whole figure would have to be all-new, as nothing like it has been released in the line before. Detail-wise, I hope they would do a great job on the sculpt of this figure. Especially the face-sculpt, as it is very unique to the character. Articulation, I think Hasbro would cheat us and give no leg articulation, or include knees but not ankles. Accessories, I'm not sure on this part. I believe they held a pike/gun sort of thing at one point, but that's all I can think of. Perhaps one of Tamson's torture instruments as a bonus accessory, which would be interesting, perhaps the one that held Padme & Jar-Jar. I'd like to see this made, but it probably won't. Hopefully Riff Tamson might though.
63. Clone Sergeant Appo:
It wouldn't be hard for Hasbro to make this guy into a figure, just paint a white arrow onto the helmet of a generic 501st Clone figure. Detail-wise, if they make a generic 501st Clone before Appo, all they would need to do is paint that white arrow. Simple, yet effective to make a new figure. Articulation, the Stone sculpt. Accessories, his DC-15 blaster. Perhaps a rocket launcher as well. I think Hasbro would make Appo, considering how easy he would be to make. I think they will put Appo in a battle pack at some point.
64. Asajj Ventress (Jedi):
I'd love it if Hasbro made this, as it would add a different kind of Jedi to the Jedi already released, plus it would mean we get a "good" Ventress. Detail-wise, should they make this, I hope Hasbro would do a good job. There are lots of different details on this Ventress figure, and I hope Hasbro would do a great job. Articulation, everything except the ankles, knees similar to CW44 Ahsoka. Accessories, just the two lightsabers pictured above, though Hasbro could also include an invented accessory of theirs. I don't see Hasbro making this, although it would make an excellent figure.
65. Asajj Ventress (Nightsister):
This Ventress however, is definitly one I could see Hasbro making, with the only drawback being that she is a female. Detail-wise, again I hope Hasbro would do a great job. Hopefully with an inclusion that you can pull her head and mouth-cover down, and up again. The gear overall has some nice gear, and I hope Hasbro would sculpt this well. Articulation, everything except the ankles. Accessories, her red lightsaber, and perhaps a Hasbro invented accessory. I think we could see this Ventress in the basic line at some point...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.12

56. 501st Clone Trooper -Phase 2-
Should this Clone variation be made, it would most likely be like the upcoming January 30th generic phase 2 Clone release but with markings painted over it. Detail-wise, I hope they do a good job. Hasbro have tended to get the colours on some 501st Clone figures wrong in the Clone Wars line, so I would hope for an improvement here. Articulation, the Stone sculpt which appears to be what all the phase 2 Clones will have. Accessories, could be two DC-15 blasters, a blue jetpack and a Z-6 rotary cannon. I expect to see this one released next year, perhaps as an exclusive like the phase 1 release, or in the basic line.
57. Clone Pilot Hawk -Phase 2-
This would be a really cool figure if made. The helmet would have to be an all-new design, so if Hasbro made this I would be delighted. Detail-wise, they would need to do a great paint-job, especially on the helmet, to impress me. The design of the helmet would prove vital with this one if made. Articulation, the Stone sculpt. Accessories, perhaps a Z-6 rotary cannon, DC-15 blaster and one Hasbro invented accessory. I would be surprised if this one got made, as his phase 1 version still hasn't been made and probably won't. If this does get made however, I would definitly try to purchase one.
58. ARC Trooper Fives -Phase 2-
This would be similar to a phase 1 ARC Fives should a phase 1 version be made. Only different would be a different helmet sculpt/design. Detail-wise, I would expect good from Hasbro. There is a lot of paint-applications on him, so I hope Hasbro would do it well. Articulation, depends on if they gave him the Srone sculpt, or used the usual ARC Trooper sculpt. Hopefully the ARC Trooper one, it was created especially for them, and kids and collectors alike both really like it. Accessories, two DC-17 pistols, a DC-15 blaster, a ARC Trooper backpack and removable helmet. I expect we could see this in the future, maybe basic line or battle pack.
59. Jedi Master Halsey:
Halsey would have to be an all-new sculpt if he is made, and would not re-use any parts from other figures. Detail-wise, I hope Hasbro would do a good job, especially on the head, with it being something different and all that. Articultion, I'd say Hasbro would include everything except the ankles, as usual. Accessories, his lightsaber. Other than that, I don't know, as I don't there would be anything else he could come with. Maybe we could see him in a two-pack with Knox or Trauma, but I don't hold out much hope for Halsey.
60. Jedi Padawan Knox:
Knox would also have to be an all-new sculpt if made. Detail-wise, like Halsey, the main part would be the head sculpt, and no re-using any parts. Articulation, everything except the ankles. Accessories, like Halsey, Knox's lightsaber is the only accessory I can think of. Again, a two-pack with Halsey is plausible, but I don't hold out much hope for this guy either...

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.11

51. Clone Trooper Hardcase (Phase 2):
Hardcase would probably look exactly the same as the generic phase 2 Clone coming out in January, only with Hardcase's markings as well. Detail-wise, I expect them to do a great job. Hardcase doesn't have many markings, so I'm not buying any excuse should they mess up here. And if they at least had a go at the face tatoo's, I'd be happy enough, even if they didn't make it removable helmet. Articulation, definitly the Stone sculpt, it appears all phase 2 Clones will have that sculpt, though some may be SA Stone and some may not be. Accessories, two DC-15 blasters, a Z-6 rotary cannon (massive part of the character) and a Republic backpack. I could see a basic figure release for him, or in a battle pack, perhaps even a mini-rig. I expect to see him though.
52. Clone Trooper Jesse (Phase 2):
Like Hardcase, generic Clone build but with markings painted over the body. Detail-wise, they did an excellent job on the phase 1 version, so I hope they would do just as well if not better here. Hopefully they would at least give his face tatoo a go, as it is a very important part to the character, and therefore we could get a Jesse with removable helmet. Articulation, would be the Stone sculpt. Accessories, DC-15 blaster, DC-15 blaster rifle, Republic backpack and maybe a random Hasbro-invented accessory. I expect we will see Jesse as well, perhaps in a mini-rig again. Though he could also appear in the basic figure or battle pack lines.
53. Clone Trooper Kix (Phase 2):
Again, Hasbro did an excellent job on the phase 1 version of this guy, so I hope they would make a phase 2 and do a great job on it. Detail-wise, they did a fantastic job on the phase 1 version, more of the same here neccessary. Perhaps a removable helmet as well next-time. Artculation, the Stone sculpt. Acessories, two DC-15 blasters, his specialized Republic packpack, and maybe one or two Hasbro invented accessories. I'd say he will be released, perhaps in a mini-rig, battle pack or basic figure release.
54. General Pong Krell:
Should Pong Krell be made, every part of him would have to be all-new, as there is no resemblance to any other characters on the show. Detail-wise, I hope they do an excellent job, Krell has a lot of excellent detail on him, and hopefully Hasbro could reproduce this on a figure, especially his lightsabers and four arms. Articulation, I think Hasbro honestly might go the full-length and would include even ankle articulation with this release. Ankles similar in design to the Jar-Jar Binks figure, that is. Great arm articulation neccessary for lots of action poses Hasbro. Accessories, his two double-bladed lightsabers of course. And if that's not enough, perhaps the hologram he took out at one point in the episode, of the battlefield. I expect him to be in the basic line within a year or two.
55. Umbaran Warrior:
Should this one get released, he would also have to be all-new, as no Clone Wars Umbaran figures have been made before. Detail-wise, I hope they do a good job, this would definitly add something different to the line, so they had better do a good job. Articulation, everything except ankle articulation I would say. Accessories, the Umbaran gun pictured above. Also, those sort-of creatures in the episode. The very tiny ones that electrocuted a few Clones, and/or those bigger ones that Krell destroyed. Maybe also a Hasbro-invented accessory. I'd say we might see this guy released, perhaps in the basic line, or a mini-rig.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hasbro New-York Comic-Con 2011 Reveals

Here is a post stating my thoughts on all the 'new' figures shown at New-York Comic-Con!

Wave 1: I look forward to this wave! I already have Plo Koon and the Aqua Droid, so I'll pass on those two. I will also pass on that new Anakin Skywalker, because while the 2011 CW45 one has it's faults, I feel I don't need to purchase a figure which is just a re-tool of it. I will however, pick up the two new Clones. Cody sports the SA Stone sculpt, which is the Stone sculpt WITH ankle articulation. The detail on him is fantastic, and I'm extremely hoping to get him. The Phase 2 Clone is the normal Stone sculpt, which is disappointing but what can you do? I like the generic one, and I also hope to get him at some point. Random note: This wave is released 30th of January, which just happens to be the date of my birthday :)

Wave 2: While it is great that Aayla Secura is being re-packed for those who missed her before, I personally already have Aayla so I will pass on her. I will also pass on this Obi-Wan, as I consider the current season 3 outfit Obi-Wan to be good enough for me. Like the previous wave, I will purchase the two clones of the wave. Phase 2 Rex has nice detail, and is a worthy Clone figure. I just hope that the reports that he has a non-removable helmet are not true, as there is NO excuse why Rex should NOT come with a removable helmet. Boss looks absolutely superb, and is anything but your usual Clone.

Out of the stated 19 figures for 2012, 14 (including re-pack wave/waves) were revealed at New-York, so that leaves only 5 figures for 2-3 Fall waves. Mhmm...

Republic Troopers: I really look forward to this battle pack. Aside from "Defend Kamino", it is the only 3-figure battle pack where all three figures are new. Cutup looks nice, and it would be nice to give Cadet Hevy some company, so I hope to get Cutup. Hardcase would go well with the Jesse and Kix figures, and while he has a pretty basic paint-scheme, Hasbro have done it well. Hardcase has the Stone sculpt, like Jesse and Kix. The real prize, is the Bomb Squad Clone. Many fans have been wanting a Bomb Squad Clone since their only appearance, so it is great for fans that Hasbro have finally released one. Really nice paint-job Hasbro have done. Only problem is the Stone sculpt, but that's to be expected. This is a bit of a random battle pack, as in they just decided to make three random Clone figures, amd put them together. I would have liked to see Comet and a Wolfpack Clone here, but oh well. Maybe later in the line...

What was your opinions on what Hasbro showed and told us Clone Wars fans?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hasbro Possible To Make Clone Wars Figures no.10

46 Commander Wolffe (Phase 2):
Commander Wolffe would be a kit-bash/re-paint. Re-paint if other phase 2 clones are made before him, but the helmet would have to be an entirely new mold. Detail, I hope they do a great job. In my opinion, the phase 1 Wolffe is the best Clone figure made so far, so should they make this one, my expectations will be high. Articulation, depends on which sculpt they go with: Stone or original. Accessories, could be two DC-17 pistols, a DC-15 blaster, a hologram table and holograms of Padme Amidala and Yoda. I'd say we could see this in the basic line next year.
47 Clone Trooper Sinker (Phase 2):
I hope we see the phase 2 versions of Sinker and Boost made, though not as exclusives. I probably will never be able to get the phase 1 versions because of where they were exclusive too. Detail. It's not much different from a generic one, just grey on the sides and back of the helmet. So, I think Hasbro should get it right. Articulation, again depends on the sculpt. Accessories, for Sinker, I'd say two DC-15 blasters and one computer. Maybe a removable helmet. I think this could go well in a battle pack with Boost and C-3PO.
48 Clone Trooper Boost (Phase 2):
Boost has a pretty nice helmet design, so I would hope Hasbro would do a good job on it. Detail, hopefully a nicely-detailed helmet if made. Other than that, it's really the same as a generic Wolfpack Trooper. Articulation, depends on the Stone or original sculpt. Accessories, probably just two DC-15 blasters. I could see a battle pack for this one.
49 Wolfpack Trooper (Phase 2):
I really hope they release this one. Hasbro have dissapointed me in that they haven't released a phase 1 version yet. Detail, hopefullya  really good paint-job and attention to detail on this one. Articulation, again depends on the sculpt. Accessories, a DC-15 blaster, a DC-15 blaster rifle, and one or two of those boxes in the above picture. I would be utterly devesatated and shocked if this doesn't get released. I hope for a basic figure release sometime.
50 C-3PO (Dirt Markings):
I would be completely speechless if Hasbro made this over many other important characters and designs they should make. Detail, same as the old C-3PO, just with dirty markings painted over it. Articulation, same as the 2008 Clone Wars C-3PO. Accessories, I believe none actually. I don't believe the C-3PO figure made had any either. I don't see this happening, though it would be pretty funny if they did make this...