Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Upcoming Wolfpack Ultimate Gift Set

I'm back with the blog posts! And I can think of no better way then to start by talking about the recently revealed gift set involving the Wolfpack, my favourite Clone legion!

Safe to say, this is easily much better than last year's pack, which was five straight out re-packs, and crappy ones too. Alright, I won't deny it, this pack is riddled with flaws as well, no denying that. But it's certainly much better than last year's set, as this time we have two re-packs, but now also with two new figures, albeit re-paints. And I have to simply say, THIS is how they should have sold Clones to begin with, in packs like this, so that the basic line could have unique figures, and you could buy all the Clones in one pack. The Plo Koon is very weak, Hasbro... why bother re-pack the 2008 one when you have a super-articulated version in a mini-rig? Crazy... in fact, you can also see the Plo Koon card is of his cold weather gear. The P2 Wolffe is the same as his single card release, only difference is the DC-15 blaster swapped for the huge rocket launcher. And then we come to the two new figures, Sinker & Boost in their P2 armour. Very surprised they made Sinker & Boost, to be honest. I would have predicted we would get every other re-paint of the generic trooper build before Sinker & Boost, such as 501st especially, so really surprised yet very happy they did these two, so I can display them with the P2 Wolffe I already have. They both are re-paints of the CW2 Clone Trooper sculpt, so they do have knees, which is great to see, though kinda awkward how the troops have more articulation than the Commander. Really hope to be able to get Sinker & Boost, don't have any needing for Plo & Wolffe in those figures, so hopefully I can get Sinker & Boost online...

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