Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Upcoming Darth Maul Returns Battle Pack

Here are my early thoughts so far on the exclusive battle pack we learned about yesterday, "Darth Maul Returns". No release date is known yet.

My thoughts on the figures in this set:
Savage Opress "Armoured"- I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say us fans are happy to see this figure re-released. It will probably be the most wanted figure from this amazing battle pack. It's the same exact figure as the basic figure release, but a straight re-pack. My one complaint about this is the fact that he doesn't come with his double-bladed lightsaber, but instead that crappy firing-staff for the kids. I'd have even taken the axe from "Monster" over this.

Cyborg Darth Maul- We get our first animated Darth Maul figure with this release. The detail looks amazing on this figure. It looks like he walked right off the screen into action figure form. It looks to me at least that he does have knees. If you look at the packaged shot compared to the loose shot, you can tell the stances of Maul's legs are different in both pictures. It looks as if he doesn't have elbows though. The lightsaber accessory thing looks like garbage, to be honest. The detail is astonishingly good though.

Nightsister- This is easily the most unique figure out of this pack, but it is weird how we have a realistic figure here with two animated figures. The addition of a lightsaber is indeed quite weird, but maybe they wanted to reference the Jedi Alliance game which had Nightsisters in it with lightsabers. It is not Talzin, but could easily be used as her as Talzin and the Nightsister here are quite similar looking. The articulation looks like the articulation on most non-animated figures, most likely hardly any in the legs but mostly in the arms, waist etc.

Overall verdict: This is easily the best battle pack in terms of unique figures. We get the hardest to find The Clone Wars figure re-packed, first Clone Wars Maul and what I believe is the first ever Nightsister figure. There are some silly details messed up here, such as Savage not having a lightsaber, and the Nightsister having one and Maul's weird lightsaber, but I still think it is easily one of the best, if not the best battle packs of all time. I look forward to picking this up!

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